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  1. Single divan on the roof rack?! :D
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  2. I saw a certain
    o.range bay @scrooge95 passing Oxford around noon we were heading towards here...
  3. Ha ha yes that would’ve been me heading norf :)
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  4. Well get back down south. You’ll get a nosebleed!
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  5. Buford..?
  6. IMG_20190802_180739535_HDR.jpg

    A late bay legend..
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  7. ?
  8. @JamesLey


    Had a look around..

    but you were hiding..☺
  9. Didn't know we had a spotted category
    A500 about two weeks ago [​IMG]

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  10. That’s mr ley !:)
  11. yeh I wasn’t used to seeing it finished :D
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  12. Ah! Think my other half clocked you snapping us as we drove in. We went for pizza, sorry I missed you.

    Don’t look too shabby does it?

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  13. Oi! The only nose bleeds you get from coming up norf is when we punch you in the nose for your cheek!
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  14. Spotted this in Asda car park in North Devon. Can't actually remember which town .
    Took some pics as I thought it looked very smart, and all set up for touring Europe.

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  15. Spotted this in the Manchester area going comfortably 70+ mph over taking things on a hill, I got jealous

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  16. No need to be jealous. Just fit a Subaru lump in it and away you go.

    **places on tin hat**
  17. Expect the punch is hard enough to make nose and cheek into one compact unit ..... "Face, by Smev"
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  18. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  19. That's my wife's sort of place, where is it please @art b ?
    Got to be down South cos there's a Waitrose!
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