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  1. Not so, sir. There’s one thrumming away in our downstairs lavvy as I speak...
  2. I meant the switch not the extractor .......
  3. I think @Dub and Dubber is thinking of the Greek wiring regs, where it’s mandatory to have live conductors sticking out of the bathroom wall.
  4. The door's frameless glass, so :thumbsup:
    The switch is one of those big rocker switches that sit outside in all weathers, and that's for manual operation.
    The contacts are isolated from the rocker plate ....
    There won't be any manual contact .....
    Now about that hair dryer socket :thinking:
  5. Well I'm moving the fan now even though it would have been JUST over 2.25m up, and higher that the shower head could go .... Nowt dodgy about the switch.
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    Stick it on an RCBO , AFDD - pop some surge protection in for good measure and get Stanislaw from down the pub to sign it off and you’ll be fine
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    WARNING: Contains swearing and content some viewers may find unacceptable. (Particularly plumbers)


  8. spark.gif
  9. @Purple I think I've found a fab in-shower dimmer switch for the shower light :D
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  10. I think ive got one of them bit more modern :D
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  11. Doubt it could be much older .... Had it on Freecycle and now have had it long enough to be thinking this is never going to get used here!
    £50 anyone? Antique/retro and all that :)
  12. Does it do metric volts?
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  13. Fraid not ... Calibrated in "Frankenzaps"
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  14. Whats with the red cable:eek:
  15. Jeez, you've found yourself a rheostat !

    "Igor, throw the main switch.

    Yes master!"

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  16. It’s a variac, aaaaaaaactually ;)...
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  17. What little I remember from school (Igor was in my year btw) a Variac is basically a rheostat with a "steroid" or "feedback" mode whereby it works like a transformer that can output less or more than the input ...... :confused:
    "It's electrickery I tell you!"
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  18. Howdya mean? Anyway both extractors now working, one with a pull cord, one with the by now famous 240v stormproof exterior no-contact switch blah blah :rolleyes:
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  19. What school did you go to :rolleyes:?
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  20. Just implying that I'm getting on a bit :)
    but if you fancy doing a bit of research, try looking in recent posts of the "show us the last picture ...." thread :rolleyes:

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