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  1. :thumbsup: ... You have to wave your hand within an inch or two of the switch, so that would have been ok, but thanks to TLB I've moved on to doing a mechanical version operated by the shower door :)
    As for odours they'll have four options ... Window vents, partial window opening, using the shower door like a big fat switch, and two doors between the throne and the bedroom (it's an "ensuite") .... The whole thing started because I had the proximity switch for the lights and that worked well, and I was trying to get away from the noisy pull cord.
  2. If you’re putting a fan or switch near a shower it needs to be 12v
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  3. Switch still appears fine, well, for lights at least.
    I'm not messing with it any more just in case I DO knacker it!
  4. :hattip:probably the most useful post so far given that I did wonder about this but failed to check through about it thanks to getting all enthused about fancy schmancy switching ...
    It's going to get moved!
    Edit: ... the switch will be IP66
  5. Since when??

    Thought that was only in Zone 0??
  6. Your doing all this because you've got a proximity switch to use?

    It'll be easier to just move house!
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  7. A 230v switch, operated by a metal shower door?

    Might as well put a socket in as well, so you can use a hairdryer at the same time......

    Is this a wind-up I've stumbled into???
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  8. ????? You've quoted the wrong person, I asked why you cant have a 230v extract in a shower?

    As for a shower door operated switch :confused:
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  9. I thought you were referring to the switch intended to operate the fan, to be operated by opening the shower cubicle door.

    This is getting surreal now.
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  10. Noooooooooooooo!
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  11. You can have 230v fan above a bath/shower if it’s designed for zone 1 and protected by a RCD.
    But if you look at most bathroom fans
    manufacturers info they are are only for zone 2
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  12. Zone 2 is above a shower 2.25 metres
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  13. Zone 2 is above a shower 2.25 metres
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  14. Your right on the fan as long as it’s above 2.25m from the floor and above the shower head.

    Still good practice to use extra low voltage especially messing around with dodgy switches
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  15. ron


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  16. ron


    our pull switch failed a few months ago got a new one from screwfix - after only a couple of months it failed ( it used to go " clunk clunk" ) got a new one from toolstation and is loads better ( only goes " tink tink" )
  17. Or nip down the Expelair shop :thumbsup:

    Whatever its IP-rating, a mains switch by the shower door doesn't really sound like a great idea :eek:
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  18. :D .... Damn right! ... It's ok, the switch has a home already. If it had worked out ok I would have splashed out on another :hattip:
  19. No hand contact and designed for outdoors ...

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