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  1. Has the switch got voltage-free contacts ie a relay inside? Does it go click? Any other internal gubbins, the fan trigger input may not be pulling enough current to get the proximity switch working properly.

    All I can think of.
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  2. This makes sense, thank you .... It does indeed go click. Is there a "workaround" if that's it?
    (other than paying you a visit and using the fence facilities)
  3. Seems we have two reasonable avenues to pursue.

    a) Does the switch stay closed long enough to trigger then fan. Plenty of stuff these days is just a momentary trigger expecting the latch to be in the unit; had this fun with wiper motors.

    b) Does the switch, or fan, offer too high an impedance to neutral on the trigger input so that the fan can't switch the on.
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  4. I don't get the need for a proximity switch to operate a bathroom extract fan.
  5. That's a very fair point, mine operate off the light switches, tho I wish I'd bought ones that have shutters that close when off, stop the drafts.
  6. Ah well
  7. just have to assume they do what they claim to do. Has it ever worked? Do you get full mains voltage across the output terminals when it’s triggered. Your fan is expecting a switched live supply.
  8. You see it's because of knowledgeable answere like this that I didn't post the query. I've read it a dozen times and it still means bugger all to me .
    I am only still alive because of one sentance " if there's owt wrong with gas you can generally smell it , but electricity has no smell and is invisible, touch it and you could be dead before you know owt about it "
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  9. But all @Dub and Dubber is trying to do is get it working on the bench/table by connecting one unit to tother. Nothing to do with installation.
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  10. Sorry ... missed this and your other post somehow.
    Doesn't bode well does it?!
    What you and @snotty say makes me think the proximity switch will never work in conjunction with the timer on the extractor ...
    My "workaround" is going to be to use the shower door to work an outdoor mechanical rocker switch.
  11. Thanks, but to be fair to @Purple the bench test came about because installation wasn't working and I suspect he's seen enough shamateur c0ckups to be understandably irritated by this ... I do have respect for "electrickery" and always follow protocol, but wasn't expecting the proximity switch to be a poor fit.
    Electrics, ok ... Electronics probably not.
    Edit .... See now this was a reply to sproggy, not @Purple :rolleyes:
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  12. Yes :thumbsup: but it's because of knowledgeable answers like that that I DID post!
    Once the TLB joshing is done there's always something that shines a light into the dark void of a keen amateur's brain.
    The advantage of being amateur is more scope for finding new ways to do things, but if the components don't sit well together it's time to think again .... The whole thing was driven by:
    1) getting the extractor to work only when the shower was being used
    2) avoiding guests having to work out what's what by making it "automatic"
    3) avoiding the loud "bink boink" of a pull cord switch, and the ongoing hum of a fan, in the night if they get up to recycle the doombar .....
  13. The fan/timer has worked.
    The proximity switch has worked.
    The two don't work together .....
    Which reminds me of something similar.
    Check this out:
    My (elderly) Dad's mobile can access WiFi everywhere that it's available ... except in his own house.
    Everyone else's mobile or laptop can access his WiFi. o_O
  14. Try connecting said table lamp across the output of the proximity switch as well.

    Then the voltage will definitely go from 0 to 240 volts, and the light should come on when the proximity switch activates; the switch may have an internal fuse or PCB track blown up by miswiring...
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  15. There is an old trick used by amp builders and such, connect a lamp in series with the newly un-switched on amp under test. Switch on, if lamp lights, amp is not right.
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  16. If you only want the fan to run when the shower is on get a fan with built in humidistat and either wire into your light switch or leave on a unswitched live
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  17. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    Your switch , are you leaving it switched on for a few seconds at least or flicking on then off again quickly - the timer may not be triggered if you do it too quickly
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  18. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    Just responded saying the same before seeing your reply :)
  19. I see what your trying to achieve, but unless you fit the proximity switch inside the shower cubicle then it's going to activate even if someone just goes into the bathroom to use the toilet.

    And an extract fan is to disperse 'odour' as well as humidity.

    Just saying like.
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