Spare wheel on the front!

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  1. Ranks along side 4 bolts and which oil but ive nowhere for my wheel. Its not going inside, not on a roof rack, ive gone off the idea of the swing down rear carrier and im not sure that the swing away carrier is practical. Im back to thinking of putting it on the front but im so used to it not having one and looking at pics of buses with one fitted that dont quite look right to me.....

    guess it will happen as i dont like not carrying a spare. Convince me it needs to go on there or not! With pics? I dont know. Incidentally im looking at a bracket for it that doesnt need me to drill the front panel as im not doing that! Something like @sANDYbAY has!
  2. TOP TIP ...

    Nothing wrong with a spare on the front but when you align the bracket make sure the tyre is resting on the bumper ..

    Why ??

    Stops the panel from flexing under the weight ;)

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  3. I don't carry one, but I'm never going to get a puncture so I don't need one
  4. IMG_2665.JPG
  5. No need for pictures
    Don't do it they look poo on the front FACT
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  6. It'll be alright on the front provided that you put the right cover on it ie matching colour with the vw logo on it.
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  7. If using the van is easier with the spare out of the van and you think front is best, then put it there.....unless you think you will change your mind, bolt the bracket and easiest way....with the money you save buy a nice stainless steel cover.
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  8. Or just get one of those brackets that has the legs that stand on the bumper. If the wheel actually rests on the bumper, it's a proper PITA to get the cover on and off. ....ask me how I know!
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  9. Day


    Looks good on the front I think....and more room inside.

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  10. Day




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  11. Had it there but didnt like it, pita when engine fettling!
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  12. I respect that. Not sure i like it tbh but needs must!
  13. For oil checks I work round it anything more I remove the 2 bolts and lift it off just leaving the bumper brackets
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  14. My spare wheel is on the front and it looks BOSS.
    Just how bays used to look in the seventies.
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  17. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    Get a bullbar.
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  18. Yup - which is why i binned the cover years ago :thumbsup:

  19. Ah yes, I thought I recalled a naked spare wheel on the lasty-wagen.
  20. All us cool kids have the spare on the front:thumbsup:

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