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    This will hopefully be useful for someone at some point!

    As far as i know this is the original fuel filler hose from 40+ years ago
    The engine was coming out, so having read all the advice here, I decided to get it replaced.
    Mechanic said I should leave it alone as it looked fine and all the ones he had tried to fit were a rubbish fit. Having seen loads of pictures on here of ones that were rotting from the inside I decided to change It anyway.

    I thought vw aircooled works stocked the correct one for my late bay 1972 with petrol cap flap. It turns out they don't

    C&C and Heritage couldn't say if the ones they sold were properly ethanol resistant

    JTA rubber said there's was as good as you can get and sent one. Thanks to @Deefer66 for the contact & info

    The mechanic said it was a pig to fit properly as it was approx 5mm to narrow and 10mm too short.

    Now removed my old one looks absolutely fine, no breakdown in the rubber etc.

    I will send it to JTA rubber so he at least has a correct size one to base his on. Mine is a weird year for fuel filler pipes.

    I hope the rest of you don't have the same issues as me

    Info below from @Deefer66

    If anyone is intersested this is what he says,

    " I’m afraid it is a growing problem and a global one at that. Here in the rubber industry we are well aware of the growing trend of fuel producers adding more and more ethanol to fuels. The last time I looked, I think the UK allows up to 5% (E5) with a move to 10% (E10) in the pipeline so to speak.

    Ethanol is very aggressive to most of the standard massed produced polymers and some metals used in the automotive industry, except the fluorocarbons i.e. Viton produced by DuPont, generally found in fuel lines. This is usually in the form of a thin lining or veneer. It is used sparingly due to the cost of these compounds.

    Working with our UK compounding specialists, our fuel hoses should be able to cope with a fuel up to E10"

    Anyway, the longer one with a bend in it that I got was a good tight fit, hardest part was finding a decent clip to put over it!
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  2. Thinking of buying fuel filler hose and fuel breather hose?

    This may save you spending as much as I have on f ing fuel hose!

    After reading a few latebay threads in 2013 I replaced majority of my old braided fuel lines with R9.
    Since then many have reported some R9 only lasting a few years.
    As engine was coming out I decided to do all of mine with 100% bio fuel hose and kunifer hard line
    The R9 from from Advanced Fluid Solutions had small cracks on the outside of the hose. I didn't see the Goodyear stuff, inside the engine bay, when it was removed.

    You want 100% bio fuel hose, NOT R9 rated if you are about to buy new fuel hose

    5.5mm i.d 100% bio hose:
    £16.19 p.m Advanaced fluid solutions
    £16.50 per metre These guys also offer a TLB discount
    ? per metre at VW aircooled work as they sell in kits. Kevlar reinforced?

    7.3mm i.d 100% bio fuel hose:
    £17.51 p.m Advanced fluid solutions. The website doesn't state who manufactures it, but when they sell on ebay it says cohline
    £20.50 per metre coolair vw
    £25 per meter VW Aircooled works. Supply cohline

    When I was looking to buy 100% bio hose I told the supplier my set up: Tank to 6mm mechanical fuel pump, to filter king to twin carbs. I was told that I needed to get exact measurements of breather pipes, carbs etc, so they could supply the correct sized pipe. I waited for my engine to come out to get measurements of the two poxy tank breathers 7mm i.d. There was no point in doing this as everyone sells the same two sizes of pipe. So I could have ordered it all before the engine came out. I think everyone sells cohline stuff as well!

    Other suppliers He sells off cuts on ebay under Seller montyidd, you can message him for alternative lengths etc if they aren't listed. I'm not sure if his stuff is 100% bio fuel hose. I'm pretty sure he is the supplier of the filler pipes that many vw people sell though. See above post for further info on jta rubber

    I hope this will save someone some cash.

    I have bought far too much fuel hose. I would have been in ignorant bliss if it wasn't for this forum & thread.
    On the flips side a mate lost his bug to fire!
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  3. Loads of useful info here, a great help as I'm checking all my fuel system whilst my engine is out this next couple of weeks.

    My tank is pretty friggin' rusty (which was the main reason I was doing it all anyway) but all the hoses etc seemed to be in good nick, maybe someone had been in there already a few years ago.

    The only thing I have spotted is that because I have a pancake type air filter, the T piece at the front roof of the engine bay just stops and goes nowhere! Should I drill and tap it into the air filter somehow?


  4. I had exactly the same going on with my set up when I bought it and that's what I did. I tapped it into the top of the fuel filter with a fuel fitting.
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  5. Sweet, thanks, I'll have some breather pipe spare so that should be pretty straightforward :)
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    Where does your crank case breather go?
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  7. The rubber T piece I fitted lasted about a year. :(
  8. Would that be this one that comes out of my carb....... And goes nowhere!? ☺️ 15919722042881595855342.jpg 15919722042881595855342.jpg
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    That’s not the case breather, it looks like maybe the vac advance connection? If it is it should go to the vac can on the side of your distributor.
    The case breather comes out by the oil filler, probably about 15mm i/d.
  10. Yep, got that, it goes to my pancake air filter.

    I already have one to the dizzy advance
  11. That one is normally an dead end hole on the carb. I'd fit a short piece of blocked hose like the one next to it after checking it does actually go somewhere inside the carb.
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