Smell of petrol when going through roundabouts? Then read this...

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  1. Hey all, am I right in thinking that I'm missing two pieces of breather hoses and a T-piece to connect them to the air filter box?


  2. Hi sorry folks without trawling through all these pages and getting totally lost.When we fill up over half a tank the inside of the van stinks of petrol as if we have a can inside with us with the top off and then when it drops back down to well under a tank the smell goes...any ideas please?
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    Have you checked the breathers / filler hoses?
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  4. Could be the tank filler - a rubber tube leading from the filler cap to the tank that can perish over time. Or the tank itself. Engine out to get access to tank, but you could prise off the circular 'paint tin lid' on the battery side of the engine bay to see if you can see any obvious signs.
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  5. if you can't see into the paint tin lid properly, you could try sticking a camera up to take a photo with flash on, just don't drop the camera/phone
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  6. Cards on the table I haven't got a Scooby about what goes on under that flappy up bit at the back where that noisy thing is tuesday_wildchild:lol:

    Ok will have a go at suggested thanks
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    Stick your arm up behind the spare wheel well (easy if you remove the nearside rear light cluster) and check the breather there. Often gets missed.
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  8. When I'm checking breathers what am I looking for are perished,comeoff,blocked?
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    Yep; perished, cracked or crumbly old pipe probably.
    Check that the 2 metal pipes that almost meet above the middle of the engine hatch are connected with a rubber "T" piece and then to your air filter too.
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  10. Thanks man :hattip:
  11. Take off the petrol cap, inside is a 90 degree rubber bend. Have a good look for cracks and feel it with your fingers.

    Inside the engine bay on the right is a round thing like paint tin lid. Prise it off and take pics of the big pipe inside. Towards the front of the van it turns a corner and joins the petrol tank. Try and get a picture of where it joins the tank.
  12. 1972/1973 model year (Petrol filler flap): I had my fingers down the petrol cap at TE and mine seemed to be metal only.

    I couldn't get a photo upwards towards the petrol cap or feel any rubber

    This is how my pipe looks facing the tank. I'll be getting it changed

  13. Some times people screw things from inside the van and end up drilling/screwing through the tank without realising
    How long have you owned the bus and is this a recent problem?

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  14. If this a reply to my post then: Owned 19 years, changing pipes as the engine is coming out and the old pipes are 40 years old!

    I thought there were two rubber filler pipes one at the petrol cap end and one at the tank end. Now i think on 1972/1973 models there may just be the long one at the tank end as the one near the petrol cap seems to be metal
  15. From VWH web site. The top view is the crossdresser arrangement. Item 22 is hard to get, Coolair had it when I did mine, but VWH don't list it.

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  16. Thank you

    I think mine is different to both of those pics

    I think mine is E a r ly or crossdreser metal petrol filler

    My '26' seems loads longer than the ones in either picture.

    Thanks for the replies, ill update when it has all been removed and order the correct bit(s) then. I was trying to get the parts ordered now, but will have to be patient!
  17. It's a crap drawing, because the 26 is 2 different parts. If you go on VWH you will see that there is a short straight version of 26 and a long one with a bend in it for the owners of the superior crossdresser variant.
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  18. none of them look like mine and i don't mean because mine is braided. I'm just going to wait til it is removed and measured!
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