WANTED small propane bottle

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  1. Thanks will look out for one and fit it when my floor no longer resembles a very gnarly cheese grater. You havent a reference for these have you?
  2. How did you heat the hot water bottle to get the gas moving?! Lol
  3. You can heat it up using body heat! pop it in your sleeping bag and give it a cuddle! Dont blame me if you wake up blue though!
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  4. From the hot tap in the campsite toilet block lol
  5. If you cannot swap at a dealer I have a propane small 3.9 kg that I can swap as I now have an underslung tank and only need the gas bottle for the home BBQ so blue calor is okay for that.I am in Nth Leics.
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  6. Sounds great! Are you going to techenders?
  7. Hmm,,am i the only one scared Marmiteless of this gas stuff ? :confused:
    same goes with eberspachers aswell,,have it in the camper and T25,,never used it :)
  8. Ermintrude No can't make it as I am away with work.I am always out and about with work so popping it over whilst going into Notts or Sheff' is not a problem.Anyways just let me know if you want to swap at some point and I can let you know when I am out and about.
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  9. brilliant! i can swap for a 4.5kg butane one. there's no rush as i haven't even got the propex yet but let me know when you're next around and we can do a swap :)
    thank you
  10. Ive just done that and swapped a 4.5 for a 3.9 at my local garage (in wollaton). No problem at all. I nipped in to ask. the guy wasnt sure so checked- called me back and bobs yer wotsit! As stated above though you will need the correct regulator.
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  11. BIG THANKS to skirk for the propane bottle. it was lovely to me you today, sorry it was so cold but traffic wardens here are very keen! :)
  12. I heart skirk - proper nice TLBer :)
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  13. very true!
  14. yorkshirecampers

    Thank you both. It is no prob' to try and help etc.Good to meet you Erm' no prob' about this morn'.

    Look forward to meeting you Y.Shire campers.

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