WANTED small propane bottle

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  1. propex heater on order and now need a propane bottle (or can i use a blue gas one?).

    needs to be quite small as it'll need to fit under the bed (please tell me it will otherwise i'm stuffed)
  2. No none of them will fit, send it back...

    Only joking camping gaz bottles are tiny will fit under bed they are butane, calor butane small size will fit and a propane 3.9kg should fit depending on what bed you have.
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  3. phew. thank you. i have blue bottles (calor?) but think that propane would be cheaper and work in colder temps.
    can i have propane put in a blue gas bottle?
    i could swap a blue one for a red one if not. (as you can tell, i'm really up on these things) :/
  4. Sorry to be a stickler for gas safety but Gas cylinders should be sited in a compartment that is sealed (air tight) from the van and ventilated to outside through the base of the compartment.

    Just in case the cylinder or regulators leak it prevent gas filling up your van.

    There is a sticky in Mech Tech about this :)
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  5. Baggy don't be a killjoy :eek: wrong turn of phrase there:D I've got more leak holes and drafts in my van I may as well be sat outside :)
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  6. I had to settle for a Campingaz 907 to get it to fit under the RnR bed on a westie
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  7. I have a butane bottle, it's never been a bother with freezing.
    If you want some proper copper pipe, I've got yards left over from my fitting and the tool to bend it.
  8. My butane bottle wouldent gas off at the weekend due to the low overnight temps
  9. Serves you right for living in the frozen North! ;)
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  10. Lmao

    Nowt wrong being a wildling north of the wall
  11. i have 2 red bottles at work cannot remember the size but they are empty and free to a good home will have a look at the size's if anyone is interested?
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  12. ok, which one is butane? ??
    i have a camping gaz small bottle for the cooker and two slightly larger blue ones which i think are for calor.

    pipe would be great, thank you!
  13. :( i want it to provide heat to stop me from freezing :(
  14. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    Butane is Blue
    pRopane is Red
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  15. will need to measure the space under my bed :)
  16. what's calor then?? is it the same as butane? :confused:
  17. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    a calor propane 3.9kg will fit under a westy style rock n roll bed if you router out the wood floor, it is just too tall if not, some people lie them down, a campinggaz 907 will fit anywhere but being butane carries a freezing risk - however inside it would have to be really cold to do this paradox probably suffered freezing due to being in a tent?
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  18. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    calor is a brand name calor blue is butane calor red is propane, camping gaz only do butane which is blue, you can also use patio gas which is in a green canister, this is near enough propane
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  19. I was the only one in a tent so maybe ask those in busses if they experianced any problems
    I soon remidied the problem using a hot water bottle
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  20. Wasent there a butane propane blend available called patio gas or somthing for those gas patio heaters that were all the rage after the smoking in pubs ban?

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