WANTED small propane bottle

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    which is what i posted just mate, i have an empty one of those to exchange once mine has run out - it's a bit cheaper i belive.
  2. What ive always wondered with those is if there used at low temps most often does it mean the propane gasses off and gets used leaving the non gassing off butane behind
    Or do they rely on the heater also warming the bottle so both gas off once its up to temp

    Ill be swapping over to propane once ive used up these few half empty butane bottles i have
  3. I noticed in Go Outdoors that they sell a jacket to go over the 907, not sure if that would help with lower temps.
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  4. i've cut some insulating stuff to put around mine. need to be able to fill my hot water bottle at teckenders :)
  5. oh, now i see. i thought calor gas was a type of gas :confused:
  6. We're on blue and haven't yet had a freezing problem.
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  7. One thing to bear in mind is that using gas reduces the pressure in the bottle which causes the temperature to drop to below the ambient. You can get ice forming on the bottle when the air temperature is still a few degrees above zero.
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  8. Just to let peeps know.Lying bottles that are meant to be vertical can lead to leaks.Something to do with where the placement of the relief valve is and the liquid in the bottle coming into contact with it.Horizontal bottles for fork lifts etc apparently have the relief valve placed differently.Not trying to be argumentative just thought it best to let people know.
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  9. It will or a sleeping bag will do the same

    I used a hot water bottle and my sleeping bag to warm the butane up enough to cook my breakfast on
    It wasent all that cold at the weekend it was the windchill that made it feel worse
    My thermometer recorded a miximum drop of -5 deg c

    Those in the campers with the bottle indoors may have not even noticed a problem
  10. Exactly right, Gas cylinders should be kept upright. Remember this fuel is a liquid (LPG), you know what happens if you store a bottle of milk on it's side !! It leaks, but don't cry over it ;(
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  11. Propane Bottles are usually Red
    Butane bottles are usually Blue
    Calor Gas is a trade name and they sell both types
    There is slightly less gas in a Propane Bottle
    Regulators are different
    Camping Gas is a trade name and is Butane.
    Propane (red) gasses of at lower temperatures allowing it to be used in colder ambient temperatures
    Dont lie you bottle down
    Patio gas is a mixture of the two and usually comes in a green bottle
    You usually cant swap a blue calor for a red one but some places will
    bag head is right but mines been in a side locker where it was designed to go which isnt compliant (and im not that bothered)
    Propane burns hotter but doent last as long
    My propex runs much better on Propane
    I use propane in the winter and if Im touring I use camping gas as I can buy at most sites with a shop (I have to change the regulator)
    Some independant gas bottle suppliers paint their bottles strange colours, are usually cheaper but might need their own regulator.

    Brain empty
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  12. Oh yes - dont insulate your bottle - they rely on ambient heat to allow the liquid to gas and your are stopping that.Once there is insufficient heat they will stop producing gas. So insulating it dont work - you need to heat it
    Keeping your perishables in the gas cupboard will keep them cooler as the bottle absorbs heat from it surrounds
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  13. Brain empty but have a pat on the back dude

    I thought about doing a post like that but i can never organise stuff in my head to type out after

    Has anyone removed one of those australian gas lockers from there bus after importing it?

  14. Ta!

    If not they should have as they look bad! some conversions actually had the gas bottle in the engine bay (I think viking did) Mine used to be on the tow bar. frigtening!
  15. One thing to add which may help too....

    You can trade in any size calor bottle for any size except the 6kg size. These can only be swapped with each other.

    Blue and red are interchangeable too...

    Some distributors have their own rules and don't allow it though but they should.

    You can therefore get any calor bottle and swap it for the less common and more desirable 3.9kg one :)
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  16. Good update - Im sure the regulators are different so dont think they are a straight swap.
  17. Yeah I meant interchangeable at the bottle distributors. So you can swap a blue 4. 5kg blue for a 3.9kg red etc...
  18. Ill be carrying a few different regulators for those what if moments
  19. Yep, my Viking had its bottle where you would expect to find the leisure battery..... Its not there anymore, leisure battery is back where it should be
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  20. Dicky says "bag head is right but mines been in a side locker where it was designed to go which isnt compliant (and im not that bothered)"

    You can get gas drop out "tubes" Basically a plastic tube with a grill on the top.You put these through the floor of the gas locker.As the LPG is denser than air it goes out of the van if the regulator leaks etc.

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