Slough Swapmeet 10th November

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by JamesLey, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. I didn’t get notifications when tagged.
    There is a small opportunity that I may be free sat evening for a late stopover.
    Not even sure I want to go to the swap meet! :)
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  2. Did you find um?
  3. davidoft

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  4. I'm coming down on the morning of the show with Paul, Ginger Ninja, so hope to see you there
  5. l was going to camp out Saturday night but got grandson over now so will be coming first thing Sunday morning. See you guys there
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  6. Looking after the Grandkids on Sat , so see you guys on Sunday

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  7. @paul2590 @Ripcord I must say, having met you both, assuming I am putting a name to a face correctly, you look don't look old enough to be grandmothers.
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  8. I would say that goes for everyone on this forum from the south.

    It’s the Water you know , directly supplied from Evian

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  9. Can't be the beer ;)
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  10. This is a bitch if you're coming from anywhere a bit North as part of the A34 is shut until Monday morning.
  11. I find the avocado and cucumber facepack works well (the water melon and lavender one gives me blotches and makes me smell like old ladies knickers) !! :D
  12. I decided not to mention that , as they would probably have to google the word Avocado

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  13. Cocktails darling ! It’s the south

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  14. Just going for the day. Giving Andy a lift too Hope to bump into a few of you there. Looking forward to a good rummage!

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  15. Myself and andy are have a pie. Anyone about?

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  16. Yep! popped in about 10, bumped into Mike. Didn’t see anyone else.
    Over priced toot and thought it was better last year at Bracknell

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  17. Strangely, I thought it was better than ever. The Europeans were asking a lot for their parts on the first floor, but if I wanted to put together a performance T1 engine I could have got all the parts there...

    More new parts traders, VWH and JK selling off customer returns...

    It was big enough for all the punters too...
    This was before they turned up.. the floor above was full of traders as well.

    Puts Volksworld and Dubfreeze to shame.. and there were a lot of good aircooled cars and buses in the show carpark too..

    Pizzas and coffee available...


    When I needed them years gone by , there were no sensible priced T1 cylinder heads, this time I could have easily bought a refurbished, clean pair for under £200...
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  18. I managed to the Vacuum Control Valve (RRP £83) I was after (with an old Beetle Air Filter wrapped around it for £12. Then, a bit later I saw another one and the guy let me have that one for a fiver)!! So I've got two chances now, and if both work, I have a spare ............. result!!!

    FOR SALE --- beetle air filter housing (minus the vacuum control valve) £10, buy one get one free LOL!!

    Low-N-Slow was correct tho'.............. had an absolute nightmare getting around the shut part of the A34 north, ended up going through Oxford and put a full hour on the journey home!!

    Hopefully see a few of you at DubFreeze in Feb and if not, then at the April Techenders!! :beer:
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  19. Well I managed to get there eventually after putting diesel in and then getting the tank drained

    Thanks to Matt @pkrboo for his help and advice.

    Saw this for sell and put in a what I thought was very cheeky offer which eventually was accepted. Blimey what have I done

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