Slough Swapmeet 10th November

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  1. @snotty - you got any curtains yet or is Sunday tip-trip day ??

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  2. I reckon my arm could be twisted for a Saturday night camping :)
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  4. Oakley farm campsite is only 4miles away
    Couldn’t find any pubs with camping remotely close

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  5. JamesLey

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    Their Facebook page suggests you can camp in the venue’s carpark. Obviously no facilities but convenient!

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  6. davidoft

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    and beat the rush hour queue :)
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  7. Had a look at that but think it closes at the end of October ??
    Most seem to close around then ....

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  8. Cheers Chris. I’m planning on going but not planning on staying. Getting to work the next day would be a mare.
    See you there I hope.
  9. 119 miles for me . Hmm!.
  10. I would’ve thought the idea was to camp Saturday night not Sunday night
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  11. Good point!
  12. Got a reply from this pub regarding overnight camping , what do you think ? [​IMG][​IMG]

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  13. That’s the one I mentioned above (the castle). I tried to call and ask them but went to VM. I didn’t leave a message.

    I’m more than happy to camp there overnight and it seems permission has been granted.


    Just got to ask for permission myself now but find it easier to ask for forgiveness.
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  14. I'm in! A night in the pub sits good with me. I was coming with my lad in his pickup as he needs a load of stuff for his T25 resto but I'll follow him in my van and make a night of it. See you there
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  15. Any door clips for the sliding door?

    Chrome ones aren’t they
  16. davidoft

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    yeah but not sure I can find um :eek:
  17. Boooo
  18. Unfortunately I'm out too....

    What started out as a hallway and kitchen paint has turned into a full re-dec , doesn't help that they're moving in on Monday so for the first time in years I've 'volunteered' to work - bugger !!

    Enjoy it everyone, pics are compulsory....

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