Slough Swapmeet 10th November

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  1. Is anyone popping down to Slough Swapmeet this year? I'm visiting my folks that week and will be passing, so it'd be rude not to. On the hunt for a few bits for the baja.
    Might struggle for space for anything I buy though as I'm picking up the remaining bits from the guy I bought the beetle off (the second engine, glass and a few more bits) and hopefully collecting a baja kit.
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  2. oooh might see you there
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  3. davidoft

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  4. Presumably to top up the Davidoft warehouse with spares?!
    I'm probably after a driver's door for the bug. The passenger door is new, but the driver's is a bit scabby. It's had a 6 inch repair panel let in. What else ya got?
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  5. So have I :thumbsup: :rolleyes:
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  6. Coolio. As above, whatcha got?! PM me if you fancy.
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    I have a pretty good door, dunno all sorts , nice engine lid
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  8. Boxes of stuff from floor pans, full front clip & heater channel to window winders & the heater parts under back seat, heat exchangers, 8 spoke alloys etc
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  9. Coolio. PM some details on the door as I could be interested. Don't need any other doors as it's going Baja, trying to flog my bonnet and engine lid!
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  10. PM'd ya!
  11. Might go again this year,it’s just a bugger trying to get parked

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  12. It's not in slough it..?
  13. Supposed to be a bigger venue this year?

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    No, think reading maybe
  15. It’s at Newbury racecourse.

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  16. That will be better for us,closer than Bracknell

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  19. Depending on weather.....

    I’ve not been for a few years, last time I went something like £6 each to get in and it was rubbish!
  20. Only reason i`m going , truth be known , is to give the van a run and maybe bump into a few off here - don`t need `owt :rolleyes:

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