Silly questions you're afraid to ask about your bay

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Poptop2, Sep 4, 2011.

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    Noise gets worse until the bearing gives up completely , then no clutch or very noisy gear change .
  5. What pop top said

    They make a right old racket before they fully break in my experaince

    Have you ever checked the filler hoses and breathers on the fuel tank?
    If not then it might be a good time to drop the engine and check the condition of them and replace the release bearing whilst your at it
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    Here's my own silly question ,

    when you want extra heat at the foot well do you close the totem pole fully and if so which position is closed on the actual totem mechanism forward or back , i mean towards the front panel or back towards the seats ?
  7. Well I think the heater controls are more difficult to fathom than the Krapton Fyctor. I just always get heat. Which now its chillier isnt so bad really.
  8. Get everything fixed, cables sorted, it'll all work a treat :)
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  10. Old thread but it's a silly question, so here goes
    Am I right in thinking central belly pans and front ones unbolt , but side ones are welded on.
    Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks, just wanted to look behind them and check the condition of the heat tube
  13. The heater tube seems to have some sort of canvas/ material wrap around it with press stud type fastenings.
    It's well coated in wax oil . Is this original and will it drop to pieces if I try to remove it?
  14. I've lost the picture, but when I took the canvas wrap off my Westy (it felt crunchy), all that remained of the tube inside was a piece about 10" long and 2" wide. The rest was rust flakes. :) Your call buddy.
  15. Hmm, got to be worth a look.
    Was the canvas ok?
    And are they press studs or something else?
    Thanks Zed
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    i have to agree with Zed here , mine fell apart when i unwrapped it too .
  17. The press studs were rusted together and tore from the canvas. I wrapped it back round the ali thing I bodged on it it's place and used tie-wraps.

    Not being very encouraging am I? :lol: I've since removed a few and they're always minging and the tube is always rusted away, but remember these vans are in for resto. Yours has a belly pan so you never know - only you can decide whether to take the plunge.
  19. How does my accelerator pedal come off on my LHD 1979 Camper?
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