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  1. Here is our Amber.

    Keeping it original (well almost


  2. Here was mine.

    A bit scruffy inside after 10 years of camping with kids.

    All the doors and hatches fitted like they should.

    It didn't leak oil.

    I loved that bus. :)
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  3. Mine taken in the states just before he came over here:

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  4. thats gonna be nice Dave, all original?

  5. Yeah, gotta get some new paint on it and it will need an engine rebuild, but i'll be trying to keep it as 'factory' looking as possible
  6. it looks an excellent base project, its gonna be nice looking - hope you keep the all over white!
  7. The all over white was exactly what i wanted, I actually wanted a 72, but a 73 made in 72 will do the job nicely :)
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  8. Hi
    Well seeing those above put me to shame, lol but not for long as this is mine well the grand kids really as my grandson would kill me if I got rid of it and I have no intention Luton-20120729-00689.jpg of doing so.
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  9. Here's ours on the last outing to the Brands hatch party last year
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Show us your Westy's what?
  12. Here's mine



  13. Hi all
    I've not renewed my pics since the new site is back up so ill attach a pic of the wife's westy ( good excuse to get another )
    It's a 78 2 owner og paint had this for nearly 3 years now , back on the road agin for the summer .
    Cheers Steve
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  14. nice bus:cool:
  15. Hi new member Nigel6cc here's Screenshot_2013-05-11-18-12-25.png Domino...named that because she comes fully loaded..
  16. Here's mine !!!:) still running in my big bore 1910 type 4 lump.
    VW Bay.JPG
  17. Front end good tomes

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  18. moby our 74 westy

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  19. honeymoon 027.jpg Heres my baby, amongst others.
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