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  1. I agree with some differences for a 1973 although mine is a 73 and has an engine hatch.
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  2. Mine was a 73 and had the engine hatch. It was a 1700 T4 originally though. 1600 didn't have them.
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  3. Same here.. early ‘73 type 4 1700 with engine hatch.

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  4. Now I'm envious my cross over Type 4 is hatchless and a pain to work on.
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  5. Mine is a T4 1700, so that follows.
  6. Hi from Sydney Australia - here is mine complete with Essen trailer I recently imported from Holland
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  7. Ady


    Greetings from the North of England where the weather is damp and the rust is rampant. Very nice van you have there and is that a Holden Ute behind as well ,also very nice.
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