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  1. Here’s mine, 73’ westy I’ve owned for just coming up 10 years in July. What a journey and it’s not stopped yet. :)

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  2. Love the spare wheel carrier, did you fabricate that yourself, is it just mounted on the front bumper?
  3. Rear end....hopefully ..
  4. IMAG3729 (copy).resized.jpg

    rear end..
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  5. Lovely original
    I see you’ve put a fridge in
    It’s a wonderful thing :)
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  6. It is an original part that is nose end mounted, Heavy and hard to line up although its not coming off anytime again soon thank god!
    302225_265715423462552_954366725_n_265715423462552.jpg 306997_265715653462529_1611017789_n_265715653462529.jpg
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  7. That is one of the best tyre mounts I've seen - never been a fan of hanging an incredibly heavy lump on to the thin metal at the front nose.
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  8. well we`re back in the westyish clan
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  9. you cant leave us hanging like that Sir :D
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  10. its missing some of the westy interior,front seats..etc etc
  11. :eek:
  12. 5DD4164E-935D-45D9-ABD5-6371390B174D.jpeg
  13. Moons

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    You sure that’s a 73?
  14. what makes you think otherwise?
  15. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Wrong roof (73 is front hinge) and it has a rear hinge fibreglass top and the later full length roof opening in the steel to which a from hinge wouldn’t fit.
    Wrong fuel filler cap (73 should be a flap).

    It also have an engine inspection hatch but that might not be later only admittedly, I suspect that’s engine and market specific.

    Not taking away from a killer van, but major structural parts are later than 73.
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  16. Could agree about the fuel flap, but aren't the for handles cross over? Roof could have been changed, might gave been a micro bus. M-plate would be interesting to see. Not that you should post it here on a public forum. Nice van, either way.
  17. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Changing the roof is a bigger job than the side panel I’d imagine.....still a nice wagon either way.
  18. Yeah, lovely van, doesn't matter really, just curious. Dashboard might be a give aways. I've never come across a 73 with an engine hatch, must admit.

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