Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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    51D98493-C7BB-481F-9C66-7638C7BE83C7.jpeg We went by steam train from Manchester to Stratford on Avon on Saturday, all very civilised, and we even got back early! Loco was rebuilt Royal Scot 46115 Scots Guardsman. I’ve had two attempts at a trip behind this loco before, the first time the brakes stuck on, the second she blew her middle cylinder out, so this was third time lucky.
    64D2396B-84EB-4601-9A79-762557882D45.jpeg 745CF148-D518-4BA2-8D65-D4AB92F1051D.jpeg
  2. Looks like an olde wooden house...
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  3. Bought it in Newport, sold it in Newport not long after I met my wife and needed to drive to London regularly - got a 205 GTI instead.

    Anything for a bunk-up, as they say...........
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    That's Shakespeare's family gaff, I kept imagining the cast of Upstart Crow living there. The staff said they have far more trouble with the 1960’s museum building than the 16th century one.
    Here’s a statue of Bottom, and no, that’s his tail in his hand, and not what I thought!
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  5. 4 days of chaos and climbing [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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    Cracking motor really is good as new .
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    That's what I heard on Saturday - the line to Stratford is at the bottom of the hill.
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    We don't have scratches after five years or so ....
    What ARE you people DOING with those pans?!
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    Ooh I want to go on that!
  10. Merlin Cat

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    We are planning to take the boat down to Stratford in the summer. I’ve got tickets for As You Like It at the RST :thumbsup:
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    Looks fab - and a bit chilly! :)
  12. Yorkshire always looks like that.
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  13. And what's not to like ??

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  14. 2023-03-17 09.26.58.JPG
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  15. Just checked the status of it. Tidy !

    TAX 2023.png
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    256E595F-2D3A-4BD9-A066-AEF775D0F831.jpeg Found a new bivvy spot…
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  19. Have you had your fill of Swedish meatballs?

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