Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. Don't eat them all at once!
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  2. Valves and vinyl :D

    And a pair of Lowthers in test mules, and yes @zedders we measured the frequency response with a B&K and impulse, it's all over the place :eek:

    The speakers were designed to work with a single ended triode amp and play one girl and her guitar kinda music :thumbsup:, so sorta of instruments in their own way, rather than being 'correct'.
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  3. A zigazig ah ;)
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  4. Is that what you want, what you really really want?
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  5. Two sets of speakers in the room??? Tut tut.
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  6. Free-styling it ;)
  7. Think about the air pressure maaaaan
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  8. Oxygen free cables
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    It's fine. Every studio control room is stuffed with different speaker pairs from nearfield, to mid to Far fields, ghetto blaster, PC speakers. Even top producers have to check the mix on a ghetto blaster, a phone, a car, ear buds, everything you can get your hands on will show some weakness in a mix. All are hyped in some way so really nobody but the mixer really ever hears it as he/she did. Every "flat" studio monitor sounds different. It's a nightmare. :)

    I love this nerdy impossible situation personally, it comes down to preference in the end and as they say - if it sounds good it's good.
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  10. It was a little tongue in cheek!
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    Thought you were joining in!
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  12. IMG_20210725_125020.jpg

    Tomato plants are thriving...
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  13. IMG_20210725_124908.jpg

    Packed with fruit...:p
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  14. Dug out and paved new plant border. Going for the tropical look

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  15. Did you bed your slabs down, or just plop them in?
  16. Dug out small trench, a little of the dolomite stuff, inch of sharp sand and then bedded them into a couple of cm of mortar. Done it a few times over the years and never moved an inch. The only traffic they really get is a petrol mower wheel
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    Floodlights are on and it’s time for ‘Sweet Caroline’
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  18. Butt crack clearly on display while mixing the concrete - so proper all round job :thumbsup:
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  19. Highlight for me, apart from the talking Marmitee bit, was the lovely sound of the Lowthers on the open baffle speakers using the SET amp playing vinyl thru the valve phono. The sound was, in many ways, so wrong, but so unmistakably single ended triode, and it's own way (with the right type of moosic). Eva Cassidy was sublime on that setup.
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