Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. 2020-11-26 16.14.51.jpg
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    I have one of those in the garden of an old cottage I bought years ago. Everyone said knock it down, but I kept it to help when I extend it through permitted development, it will at least be the extra cubes for a built in wardrobe.

    I guess that won’t mean much to some. Sorry
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  3. On the fly over Malc ...clunk clunk on the drain strips Frankley services on the horizon i correct .
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    No mate just by Stafford on the M6 south. I see why you went with that though
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    A glutton for punishment :D
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  6. I just thought I'd mention do not cut a hole in the hull to remove cassette :)
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  10. Are you going to put it in a bay ?
    If you do you will need to weigh the front end down. Mate of mine. Has a covair van , and has quite a stash of engines .
    One of the last ones came out of a bay , it wouldn't steer apparently!
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  11. It’s fire o clock

  12. Somehow that looks like a washing machine to me. A hot wash?

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  13. Leave them alone unless you are 100% sure that the plastic your boots are made of is compatible with all the ingredients of the spray. I wouldnt risk the solvents in A.N.Other silicone spray. One brand may be perfectly OK another may damage the plastic .

    That which softens rubber may also be dissolving it and turning it to cracked goo.

    Use soapy water and rinse off if they look grubby
  14. 20201128_114912.jpg
    A little nosy helper.
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    my cats used to do that when I was in the back of the T25. I used to worry they’d make it come down on my head!
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  17. I think your tumble dryer is overheating.
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    We had a nice walk along the Oxford Canal near Aynho. Nice way to relax after dads funeral yesterday.


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