Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. Good choice. I wish I'd got that one for my van as takes up less space than the bench type.

    Try using bio washing liquid instead of the toilet blu stuff

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  2. Amusing for us though :D
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  3. You don't seriously poo in your van :eek:?
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  4. Doubles up as a pigeon coup as well :thumbsup:
  5. a newy dishwasher 6s.jpg
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  6. Another quality Bosch then ...

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  7. My rear view mirror spider caught a Spanish fly. I tried to get rid of him.I clean the web. And it’s back the next day. But I gave up he hides well. Or she.

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  8. Don't get me started...

    Third heat pump in as many years. If Bosch's fancy twirly heater element gets a whiff of limescale, it shorts out and trips the breaker :mad:
  9. What's the difference between a serious poo and a lighthearted poo? Just asking for a friend.
  10. A serious poo is more...thoughtful.
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  11. Ask John McEnroe!
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  12. Yes! Other TLB members 'might' have too

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  13. Oh, that's just...gross :(
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  14. We have heads on our boat.

    Terminology is so important.
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    I stand corrected! However, as it is new and lovely I shall refer to it as my toilet whilst it’s still on dry land :)
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  16. I thought a head is what you get when you let yourself get too close to needing to go the toilet? As in turtles head.... What you can learn about the terminology of seamen on a late bay forum eh
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  17. Needs must if you are out inthe middle of nowhere, it is there to be used. I didn't buy it as an ornament - I've seen quite a lot ogf big motorhome users don't use thier loos at all!! Why spend £60k and only worry abut the resale value, some of them don't even cook in their motorhomes either!!!!
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  18. maybe try laying on your side and and take photos,see how that go
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  19. [​IMG]

    Took the slightly longer walk to work this morning.
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    This morning on the M6 south

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