Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Oct 17, 2015.

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  4. I wouldn't call @Merlin Cat that mate she will get the hump !
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  5. 20200917_072806.jpg
  6. IMG_20200917_174943.jpg
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  7. IMG_20200917_190542.jpg The Great Ra returns home after a day sailing the heavenly seas near God's Wart. o_O
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    Ooh lovely:)

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  9. There’s one ‘like’ that in the village. Every time I see it I think of you and your penchant pour la camionnette Francais...
    If I’ve got the nerve I’ll stop and take a photo of it next time I see it.

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  11. An evening run out in the Bug.

    IMG_20200918_174413~2.jpg IMG_20200918_173822~2.jpg
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  12. Spent the afternoon up a ladder sorting the satellite dish out and fitting a new mushroom vent on the top of the motorhome that a low branch wiped out.
    2020-09-18 13.46.31.jpg
    2020-09-18 13.32.39.jpg
    2020-09-18 13.26.00.jpg
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  13. Parked up ready for sunset[​IMG]

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  14. My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be. Is that a photo booth at the bottom of the stairs?
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  15. The top of a T6 VW, I think.
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