Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. This was the TE that a few of us spent spectating and using my awning to keep the rain off the engine install.

    I hadn't been to a TE for a few years so I met some new faces and some of the old school too.[​IMG]

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  2. looks great ..

    you did a good job of attracting the fish ..
    with your breakfast ...:p
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  3. I've just walked up that way


    Hats off to him , so pleased he survived and lived a full life .

    RIP +20
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  4. Big love sent back - bloody lovely old girl ...

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  5. Thank you Lasty. He has 2 son's, one in Louth and one in Skegness. My wife and I had a guided tour round the inside of Just Jane last year ,brought a tear to our eyes I can tell you. We are so proud of him.
  6. And rightly so , he did his bit and was lucky to come out the other side - as you know many didnt .

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    IMG_20200915_152606490_HDR.jpg I reckon they've been watching to many carry on films
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  10. There's always a lot of cakes in skeggy, I grew up there....

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  11. Skegness ....which smelt the strongest , the smell of spew or pink rock
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    I'm going to make up this sign and put it in the council carpark during the winter months when we can't get parked due to bloody tourists. :lol:
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  13. “Don’t shoot, ‘till you see the whites of their eyes, lads!”

    “They would have won, if they kept their eyes closed.“
    Eddie Hitler.
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    I went on a taxy ride in Just Jane a couple of years ago as a birthday treat. I was sat in the wireless operator seat. At one point they stop and rev the engines as if preparing for take off. The lady who does the tour said to take a minute to think of those who had been in them in the war. I had already been filling up just being in the Lancaster, by then I was almost sobbing!

    Lots of respect due to your brother-in-law.
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  15. Thank you Alex and everyone else. After the war he worked for SCCW, Sheffield Corporation Water Works (later to become (Yorkshire Water ) and then moved to Chapel St Leonards and started his own plumbing business. He was an old school plumber and had to learn new techniques when Yorkshire fittings came out. I saw him wipe a join on a lead pipe once, a piece of art! ! R.I.P. Fred.
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  16. Enjoying that amazing Indian Summer.

  17. Baveria today with loads of VW campers, most T25s. But I was a bit too high to photograph them:)
    Think Chitty Chitty Bang Bang !
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  18. Don't be so stoopid.
    It doesn't look anything like @Barry Haynes !:rolleyes:

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