Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. 8418C452-65E0-424A-9AC1-1DF7B2872638.jpeg

    The olive trees needed pruning desperately... I want to take them with me when I leave
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  2. ECD7E57A-46B3-44B7-B0E7-B90426CA7F3A.jpeg After....!
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  3. St Helier tonight from the Clipper
    En route to Portsmouth.

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  4. Wouldn’t recommend going to Pompey tonight!
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  5. My manager at work has just finished building a very hi-tech, fully LED illuminated, composite decking construction and recommended I should do the same.....
    He obviously gets paid waaaaaay more than me, as I think each decking board was about twice the price.
    My consideration of the subject stopped at that point!

    The thing is, the old decking in my garden was 13 years old, and it was the frame that had rotted (apart from a couple of deck boards where I had big plant pots sitting directly on it).... with composite boards I'd still have a wooden frame underneath, and to be honest if this one lasts another 13 years I'll be well happy (and well retired to a beach somewhere sunny, with luck ;) )
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  6. Oh! We are arriving around 6am tomorrow anything to worry about. M27..M3..A34. And hopefully no concertina stuff.
  7. Nope... just the football result this evening.

    The fans should be sleeping it off by 6am :)
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  8. Plus, the composite will always look like plastic..... I've fitted some expensive stuff, and its plastic, at the end of the day.. I've fitted loads of wood, and it takes a bit more looking after, granted, but is always nicer IMHO...
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  9. Could put a few decking lights in, Sarah. Screwfix will flog you some. I think they look ok.
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  10. 20200707_065618.jpg

    Propellor off eBay fitted. Its a fair bit smaller (10x8) than the one that was on the boat before (13x8) , I think the previous one was sized by a boatyard who happened to have one spare. I checked with an online calculator and it tells me the new one is closer to correct for 6 shaft horsepower at 1800 rpm..
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  11. I fitted somebody composite because (after looking at the rest of the house) I knew he wouldn't look after it.
    @scrooge95 You can buy composite joists but it is eye watering expensive.
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  13. I thought as much..:thumbsup:
    I might make a garden tabletop from some...:thinking:
  14. Have you your bottom scraped recently?
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  15. DSC_0134.JPG
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  16. There I was all dressed up in my finest, ready to go and tackle the bus issues. Then one of the strays we've been feeding chooses today to stop being so stray and hops on my lap, had a wash and now having a nap.
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  17. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    that is such a cat thing to do!! Ours pays me no attention until I’m about to get up, then she comes and sits on me :rolleyes:
  18. They just know :)
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  19. I'm not really a cat kinda person. So, have you just been 'owned'?
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