Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. Nice food in The Feathers. Look at the carvings on the furniture in there by The Mouseman. My mum lives up the road in Chop Gate.
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  2. Will do is he the church mouse woodman.?
    No ice cream just a quick Guinness and back to the site. Chucking it down as I type.
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  3. The mouseman was Robert Thompson and his trademark was carving a mouse on his furniture. I think he was 19th century but the company is still around.
  4. The current mouseman is Simon Cartwright (related to Robert Thompson), Simon and his dad Ian both used to race for the Sheffield Tigers speedway team.
  5. That's good to know - interesting mix.
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  7. Decided against going for a paddle in the sea this morning seeing as its about a mile out.
    2020-07-09 09.05.40.jpg
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  8. F435701A-5D1A-487D-B5B7-049CA215D07C.jpeg
    La Fontanera she’s in no particular hurry today!:)
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    FB_IMG_1594309241292.jpg woops
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  10. C568B735-BA78-437E-8011-EB77C9E2C013.jpeg Hedge Trimming.
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  12. 2020-07-09 15.36.11.jpg
  13. 20200709_193707.jpg

    Thing for waterproofing the end of an Ethernet cable when it is disconnected , and thrown around outside the garage.

    Plumbing Crime: soldering an olive.

    Why ? Because an RJ45 doesnt fit inside 15mm copper pipe if it is crushed by an olive ...

    Had to Dremel out the step in the pipe coupler as this is slightly smaller diameter.
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  14. 20200709_203519.jpg
    Freddie the Cat observing a sewing machine.

    BTW , to dock a 100000 GRT cargo ship in Southampton is £500k if it comes from afar, and then £14k a day to park.
    They dont quote for cruise liners or layups.

    One of the liners in the docks was running engines and making smoke on Weds morning.
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  15. :
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  16. He is a nice cat:)
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    Drive in cinema Swiss style, photos from my daughter IMG-20200709-WA0003.jpg IMG-20200709-WA0003.jpg IMG-20200710-WA0003.jpg IMG-20200710-WA0001.jpg
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  19. Oops.
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    yay!!!! :)

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