Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. I think that is bigger than the whole of Hampton!
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  2. And what's wrong with that:p
  3. Getting there......
    (Although it’s not really screwed down yet)

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  5. Wowwee! When’s the party!?
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  6. Looks great!
  7. Cheers. I'm getting there, slowly!
    Just about a million screws to put in and a couple more planks to buy where I was a bit tight on the ordering :oops:
    Oh, and then staining it.
    And putting all the pots back.
    And making the covers for the manholes.
    And re-laying the uneven patio slabs that are now exposed again after 13 years under the old decking
    (now I remember why I decked over them)

    ... and then stringing up me hammock, and crackin' a beer :)

    There better be some summer left after all this blinkin' effort !
  8. Good effort
    Your talents are wasted planting trees ...

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  9. You need one of those hanging 70s “egg chairs” (although you’ve probably got one...)
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  10. Oh, how good would that be........
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  11. Excellent, now I know who to call to help with summer house construction. Is he helping, at all?
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  12. Ha! He’s very good at lying exactly where the next piece of deck board needs to go; and I was surprised to find he fits quite nicely, curled up, in the cupboard under the barbecue. :)
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  13. DE990C0A-2AAF-42C4-9381-F2AA9F6CF903.jpeg He’s Alive!
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  15. The trams now go past the Town Hall. Headed into the wind on my ride this morning so ended up in a surreal quiet town centre.[​IMG]

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  16. My brother getting an autograph from the Doc at Burnley 1965
  17. 2020-07-06 08.55.53.jpg
  18. Dogs...
    They are daft..

    did you consider using the maintenance free composite decking...?
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  19. Your brother looking dapper in that hat Bazza :)
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