Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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    Hopefully that is the way he looked at you after your espana in the works joke!! :)
  2. [​IMG]

    Colour Sergeant Haynes: The sentries report VW's to the south west. Thousands of them.
  3. That's obstruction and the police will get involved if your car is on the driveway.
    Repeatedly doing it can be considered harassment
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  4. The first Techenders when they held it in sunny Barnsley:D
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  5. Until it got banned after your last visit :rolleyes:
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  6. 2019-10-15 08.34.32.jpg
  7. FB_IMG_1570356894497.jpg
  8. Si... if you can find a plumber for Gok Wan ....:D
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    problem is it’s so low I can’t get underneath to see where the leak is from :(
  10. My kinda barn find . 2003 Mercedes Diesel ...2.2 136,000 Kilometers.. sitting for 5 or so years . Needed a battery and everything gone through. Sunroof was stuck .. wipers stuck , electrical issues . Etc..All good now ..has lotsa new parts and complete service records. But so much cheap plastics ..just like the bus....the sh:tty, Chrysler’s Mercedes years ...if you close your eyes. You don’t think it’s a Mercedes when your driving . But the price was right...
    1000€. !!, with mot and a real Westfalia hidden Hitch . Fingers crossed it will be ok...
    Last think to do is peel the I And H of the triumph sticker that’s on it ,,,,;)

  11. If only he was espaniel
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  12. Where's this then?
  13. Down at the bottom of the garden amongst the birds and the bees?
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  14. Kind of .... My neck of the woods at least ....
    2nd clue:
  15. 20191015_160316dash.jpg

    Cleaned up the dash
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  16. Is it the Old Cock Inn in Nempnett Thrubwell?
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  17. Nope .... Third clue:
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  18. Near a canal in Hertfordshire...
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  19. Names are?
    Next clue: "Cider" ....
  20. @Merlin Cat are you quietly laughing up your sleeve because you know the answer?
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