Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. IMG_20191012_142317.jpg
  2. Bought a robot vacuum cleaner
    Named it Deebot Origi [​IMG]

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  3. Last run out, to use up the fuel in the tank, before winter hibernation.

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  4. The Miners tribute, Silverhill trail.

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  5. Another one at the same parking place.

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  6. Bavaria .. fest pole thing ... 5C014459-493A-46DA-BCAF-5FE257E9FBE0.jpeg
  7. Just topped up the drinks cabinet fa chrimbo :D

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  8. IMG_20191012_092540~3.jpg IMG_20191012_142311~2.jpg

    Bit better focus that one. There was a newly wed couple having some pics taken at the tarn, bride was wearing black wellies with the wedding dress. Style girl!
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    Firewood gathering

  10. Looking very good
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  11. 2019-10-13 09.33.13.jpg
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    IMG_20191012_134024286.jpg feeling a bit rough this morning

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  14. One for @Merlincat ...sorry 2 for @Merlincat.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  15. Asking price of ,£ 5750
  16. Double pie to end the weekend. It had to end on something good [​IMG]

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  17. look at you using tapered pellets ;)
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