Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. So living in the van 3 to 4 days a week whilst training has some benefits...
    Lake Vyrnwy, my regular escape from gearboxes and the workshop.
    IMG_20191010_072609.jpg IMG_20191010_072713.jpg IMG_20191010_072908.jpg

    View for dinner from the slider and a safe place for the night...
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  3. Just in the black art of gearbox building Alex. Not bay's at the mo, T25s only. 4speed, 5speed and syncro.
    Bay boxes would be a logical step but not just yet. May have a go at Chips first:thinking:
    Good fun but living in the van was better during the summer.
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    phew! I thought it was something fitty! Fab, if you become an expert I can buy a T25 with a dodgy gearbox then you can repair that and davidoft supply the spares :).

    Weve been to Vera Playa this week. Wasn’t it yours and Mels fave place :)
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  5. Nearly, we used to escape in the Westy from the madness of the cafe to San Juan de Los Terreros or to a few other secluded beaches top side of Aguilas.
    Mel's got plans for us to take the syncro across the Pyrenees and down towards Mazarron to be on a fave beach for Christmas day :eek: Holiday form went in last week apparently. Could be an interesting trip.
    Well jel of your recent autumn sun x
    We're in Sheffield weekend after next.
    Roxys (O2 whatever they call it) again for Reverend and the Makers. Praps catch up for coffee?
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    Christmas trip sounds fab. I may not be back by that weekend! My Coupe has developed a coolant leak so booked in to garage tomorrow. Hoping for quick repair but not holding my breath!

    think I’ve seen Rev and makers at a festival. I will give you a bell if I’m back. Think we are at Eddie Izzard sun pm :)

  7. Stowford press is the cider association, canal no idea
    Stowford fields camping ilfracombe?
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  8. 1) My area: Cotswolds
    2) CIDER
    3) Canal boat tales: "ROSIE & Jim"
    .......... ?:)
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    I may be on the wrong track but are you in Slad?
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  10. ABD07454-2DD5-40B7-8E19-C305C45EFFC6.jpeg Break in the rain yesterday.
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    Farm security

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  12. It was taken in large quantities by the german people before and during the second world war was practically part of the Wehrmacht kit keeping them awake for days and nights on end ...helping them to be shockingly efficient on there military advancement .
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  13. You're on the best track so far, by far .... :thumbsup:
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    Bay smokes anyone?

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    Are we talking Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee? :)
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  17. And the winner is ..... :hattip:
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    me me me :D
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  19. :thinking: now what for a prize?
    Year's supply of anti C15 obsession meds :D
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