Seller not on v5?

Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by Pete Garland, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. I'm just amazed vans in this state still hold this sort of money at allo_O
  2. sounds like you have a sound plan in mind!

    If you are handy at bodywork that should save you some costs over what a pro would charge and it sounds like you have got the respray sorted out.

    Good luck, keep us posted on what you buy :)
  3. If you don't mind a LHD a dry state US import is the best bet, thee are some already here or the samba is good place to look and will give you some idea on how much to spend.

    Or there's South africa for RHD buses.
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  5. If it was closer i`d certainly have a look but it`s 3 hours away from my `manor` as they say dahn here ...

    Looks good for the money though - if everything else checks out that looks a great project :thumbsup:

  6. where are you?
  7. 3 hours away. I thought you were a London boy these days and the bus is in London!

    I suppose it does take a long time to get around down Sarf
  8. Certainly does , bonkers traffic ...
    Just finished a job in Crystal Palace .
    Satnav says 15 miles but it`s never been less than 2 and a quarter hours :(
    Radio on , chill out and thank Christ i don`t live in some of the areas i travel through ...
    If it was possible i`d help out but .....

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  9. bloody hell that would do my nut in
  10. But Palace is lovely place right? Its just the mote of scum that surrounds it, excluding Dulwich ;)
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  11. Never been mate - i go through Tooting , post Wolfie Smith it`s an absolute multi cultural shiiit-hole ...

    And that`s from a bloke born and bred in Leeds :rolleyes:

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  12. mms_img-355169552.jpg mms_img-355169552.jpg mms_img857242548_2.jpg mms_img857242548_2.jpg mms_img1004225689.jpg

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  13. Panel van conversion so check round the windows :thumbsup:
  14. All.

    Iv tried to post photos hopefully it worked.

    Engine was cold and started first time with no smoke at all and no end float. He took me for a drive it went really well no horrible noises everything worked as it should all gears Inc. Reverse worked. He slammed the breaks on for me and they really do work well. Loads of paperwork vin numbers all match. Spare engine plus box loads of other spares Inc. Engine has done 30 something thousand since rebuild.

    Bad points all paint work starting to cracking and peel will need a lot of time invested to get everything flat for a respray. Some filler hear and there but nothing to concern me.

    If you look at first picture. Is the bulge on the left correct?

    Again this is my first classic and first air-cooled so any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks pete
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    As Dave said, it's a panel van that's had windows cut in.
    Not a problem just be aware when / if you make an offer.
  16. Yeah if memory serves thats where the fuel filler neck is

    Check around the gutters on panel vans, for some reason they seem more prone to rust than on micro buses, there is a joint on the inside where the roof, the side and a bit that i can only think is a strengthener all meet its a pig to repair especially around the rear corners.

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