Seller not on v5?

Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by Pete Garland, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Hi all,

    This is my first post so please go easy.

    Looking to buy my first bay. Iv spoken to the seller on the phone straight away he told me he had moved to London and the van is at his friends farmyard barn. Iv viewed the van more than happy and had an offer accepted.

    I'm going back with some insurance so I can test drive. Are there any questions you can think I need to ask?

    Just to clarify the name and address on the v5 do not match the person who I will be handing over the cash to or the address were stored.

    I have checked past mot online and rac hpi is all good. Any thoughts?

    Thanks pete
  2. When I bought mine the address was elsewhere, paid the $$$$$ filled out logbook got a receipt.....three weeks later registration in my name all good :thumbsup:
  3. Let's see it then :thumbsup:
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  4. Ask the seller why! You can decide then whether you believe him/her or not!
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  5. exactly what Dicky said.

    If he gives you an honest, sound answer then make an informed decision. If he gets on the defensive then walk, other bays are out there
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  6. Bit of dealing going on .
    If he sells it without notifying the DVLA that`s one less `owner` .
    Ask the question and possibly use as bargaining chip later - don`t think it`s dodgy , just an old school trick which i thought had died out in these enlightened internet times :thumbsup:

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  7. redoxide

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    Heres is a senario for you to consider .. buy old V5, steal van, swap id, offer to sell van but not be available or identifiable.. View van at location unrelated and removed from the address on the V5, hand over cash and happily drive van around .. Meanwhile the unidentified seller reports van stolen under his real name .. you get a tug and the van gets reunited with the owner, you have no idea who he is so yu cant say it was him that sold it to you... The person you handed the cash to is no where to be seen and wont ever be traced .. but he and the "seller" have the van and a handsome lump of cash to split ... meanwhile you have a hole in your bank account ..

    OR buy very rusty van with V5 scrap very rusty van retain V5 steal someone elses van shove on the plates and ID from the scrapper, sell stolen van and be safe in the knowledge that you will never be identified .... and any visit to the farm is futile as that was just a convienient place to sell from..

    Personally I would be careful Take a mate with you, preferably a big one... There was a scam going around a while back where a car was offered for sale, the deal was done on the phone and the buyer went around with cash..only to be robbed and relived of his hard earned ... co incidence .. Nah...

    Do your home work check the chassis numbers especially the stamped in ones including the one on the stand up in the engine bay.. check for any indication of quick colour change.. see the drivers licence of the persom who takes yur doe aand note the info fro it and get a reciet signed by them If they refuse, walk away .. there are loads of vans out there ...

    I dont think its important that these vans have had one owner or one hundred owners there 40 years old so who cares... Its the responsibility f the previous keeper to notify DVLA so f they are dealers why not keep things simple and do the right thing ?
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  8. Good point - i`m just too trusting i suppose .. :(

  9. Buy mine, it's my name and address on the V5 and you can pick it up from the same address!!

    Seriously, does the address tally with his address in London or one local to the farm? If local could you check with the homeowner at the actual V5 address?
  10. For peace of mind @Pete Garland I think I'd want to speak to the individual named on the V5.
    We know a name on a V5 is not proof of ownership but the last thing you need is to get tangled up in a messy legal ownership case?
    If the person you are dealing with can provide a purchase receipt from when they bought it and that checks out, then happy days.
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  11. I'd want to know why the seller and the previous named owner on the docs were different, could be fine but I'd reckon you'd be wise to be cautious, say the guy you spoke to on the phone had just made the whole I've moved story up.
  12. I'd be double careful checking the ID of the van is the van listed in the paperwork.

    Does the MOT / tax history tally with the vendors tale?

    Have you asked to see his ID? Photo drivers licence ? Ask if he is happy to give you a photocopy ?

    Call the DVLA with the document number from the V5 and make sure that all the details on it match their records.
  13. I would never buy a vehicle, bay or anything unless the v5 details matched who & where I was buying from.

    Lots of scammers out there but also lots of choices when it comes to bays. No point taking a risk IMO.
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  14. Be careful!

    As above, you want proof of who you hand the cash to, with proof of them living at the address you pick the van up from. A receipt written out in front of you and a copy of their driving licence (assuming it's at that address) is the minimum I'd want, at least gives some traceability to it all if there is an issue.

    It might be fine, it might not, just don't get swept up in the moment, there are plenty more vans out there at least as good if not better!
  15. Moons

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    Don't pay cash.

    Insist on electronic bank transfer or better still pay off credit card.

    Ask the seller to see photo ID, preferably a photo driving license.
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  16. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    It's probably fine but personally I wouldn't touch it.
    Like others have said, there's are plenty out there.
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  17. I'm not sure the receipt is worth much in a private transaction, I would agree with wanting proof of the person (and their address) you are paying though. When I sold a car recently I asked for the purchasers proof of identity and they were happy to provide their driving license to check. The reason being on a previous sales I had the police turn up a few weeks after I had sold a car and I think the guy who bought it used it for some criminal activity.
  18. davidoft

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    He hasn't said he not buying it from
    the owner, just that he's not paying the owner directly and that it's stored somewhere that is not the same as the address on the v5. If you're worried do an hpi check, AA or similar not a 99pence on a phone one, if the seller on the v5 is not to far away go to their house and pay them
  19. Have you actually seen the V5?
    Or did seller tell you it has the wrong keeper information
    You could easily of HPI checked a clean
    Vehicle/ reg which is what they want you to do
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  20. If it's not clear cut then I would walk away..
    I'd never buy blind.
    But I have done and got caught in the past.
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