Seller not on v5?

Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by Pete Garland, Apr 9, 2017.

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    Hello, so the bloke you spoke to on the phone is the owner named on the log book but he's moved so the address has not been updated by him to his new London one, but the name should be correct.
    The bus is stored on a farm and that's where you viewed it and will be paying cash to the owner of said farm on the sellers behalf and taking it away from there never having met the owner but supposedly speaking to him on phone?
    I'd be doing a bank transfer to the owner, who's name should match the log book then you've got some traceability!
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  2. BUYER BEWARE ! ....................... Nuff said .

    Remember it's your hard earned, tread carefully. as has been said there's plenty about , and if its that good and at a good price be xtra careful.
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    Strikes me ridiculous that the v5 hasn't been updated due to a fear of adding another owner to the previous owner list.....on a 40 year old vehicle does anyone care?!
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    An HPI check is useless for a ringer .. the reg used will be for a legitimate "donor" but doesn't stop the actual van from having being nicked..

    But as has been said maybe it is genuine .. but has suspicion all over it ...
  5. these vans are a lot of money and the scammers are out there trying to rip us off.

    you have doubts about this van and the v5 and the keeper/owner is suspect. and you have come on here expressing your doubts.

    so, be wise and walk away.

    there are lots of genuine sellers out there and lots of vans to choose from.
  6. As previous - bank transfer to name on v5. Handing cash to his mate? Seems strange.
  7. Forget it, walk away. Its all hassle. As I said, there are genuine, honest sellers out there and plenty of vans to choose from. This one stinks.
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    Nope, hpi insures against it, so they pay the loss
  9. Hi all,

    Thanks for your replys some good info.

    Just to clarify I few points. Before I viewed the van I spoke to the owner on the phone for a good 20 minutes he answered all questions. Clearly his van and has owned for 3 years. I really don't think he is a dealer or scammer.

    Iv spoken with my concerns. He said he will meet for the test drive and bring along original driving licence not a photo copy. The name and address will match the v5. If I decide to buy he will meet with me again. He has been honest and said this is his old driving licence as he has moved to London he has a new one now. But can show me both driving licences. The move is the reason for selling.

    For whatever reason he hasn't changed the v5 to the new London address and no longer lives at the address shown on the v5.

    Not sure how to put link up. Search eBay full listing title is "1976 vw late bay" buy it now £5000. Its light and dark blue colour.

    I'm gonna walk away plenty of project vans for that sort of money. Shame as it still has some mot and drove nice around the farm.

    What do you all think walk away? Any other ideas?
  10. j
    I have just looked at this vans MOT history on GOV Uk web site (check vehicles MOT history) and I STRONGLY suggest you have a look at the mot history before you decide. Looks like the last MOT is very suspect (amount of work done in one day and it has not been taxed since 2014!) I would run away from this, but it its only my opinion.
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  11. As with any old vehicle an inspection by someone experienced in the marque is highly advised, if you know what you are doing, fine. It does look a bit suspicious there are limited detail photo's. You could be looking at a bargain or a money pit full of filler.
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    You lot do realise this van is £5000!!!! it's gonna be rusty it's gonna need work, lots of work, the mot looks normal for a van like this, looks fair price to me for the current market
  13. My van had a much much much bigger list of fail items and advisories before the restoration than this one.
    Obviously it'll need a ton of work done, but I'd not dismiss it.
  14. All,

    thanks again for your reply's. I have told the seller that I am not going to buy as the V5 is incorrect. Taking a 5k gamble is just stupid.

    Seen another one on e-bay any advice on the link below?

    I spent my school holiday working in a local garage mainly doing prep work for re-sprays. learnt enough about cars that all my services general repair work etc. is carried out by me. This is the reason for wanting a project. I enjoy working on cars and would love to put my own stamp on something and fully make it my own.

    I hired a bay for a weekend and really enjoyed it, now want to buy one. However air cooled and classics are new to me so any advice is really appreciated.
  15. Without sounding nosey, what is your ideal budget?

    Perhaps a wanted add on here may get some results
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  16. 7k all in. Ideally 5k project with 2k to fix up. I can get respray done by old boss for very little money. In addition to 7k I will buy stuff each month when I get paid.

    Not sure if I'm better spending more money at the start and having less of a project? I really want a complete van not someone else's half finished project.

    Nearly all these project vans sell than are re advertised a few days or weeks later so very hard to gauge what they are worth.
  17. I have no idea if this is a good project or good value.

    It looks fairly 'honest' to me.

    It looks rough, but may actually be quite solid underneath (someone who knows what they are talking about will be along in a while)

    Good sign that the owner has had it for 30 years

    Perhaps someone like @Lasty could check it out with you in person as it seems to be in London

    I'd definitely post a wanted advert on here 'Max budget £7k, what have you got?'
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  18. On some level this has got to be what you are prepared to live with - you might be able to get a respray and fix the basics for £2k, but you're not going to be able to deal with the underlying rust around the bottom of the windscreen, at the bottom of the doors etc without some significant work. I'm no expert on the underneath, but at least the vendor is showing you what there is - and any significant welding is going to be expensive to repair. What's the engine like?

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