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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dicky, Mar 17, 2020.

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    Some awful person decided to clear my outside loo cobwebs last week and got rid of a daddy Long legs nest that has been producing babies every year for the last three years. I was gutted, I’ve been sat contemplating my naval in there for hours watching her family grow it fascinated me.

    It did go confirm my theory there must be mummy long legs though.
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  2. Sorry for your loss.

    I reckon my front porch is at maximum spider capacity.
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    Noooo! :(

    ive remembered another spider story :(.

    I’d been doing a few different jobs whilst customers were on hols so been in their house a few days. I’d had a massive spider sat next to where I was working and had been chatting to it. It had followed me from kitchen to downstairs loo. I’d had a helper in one day and warned them to be careful not to squash it by accident. Anyway end of the job and I couldn’t see spider so thought it had gone in the garage. Where co worker had been needed a bit of a clean up so I grabbed the hoover. As I’m a bit fussy I put the hose at the back of the loo and last minute saw the spider. Too late :(

    I switched off immediately and opened the hoover bag but no sign :(. I even left some pipe in the bag in the very very very minuscule hope it had survived and could climb out. Nothing doing I’m afraid. However, I always double check now and move any spiders if I’m going to hoover... or use my blow torch.
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  4. Has this thread turned into spider hoarding?
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    It's just a web of lies if you ask me..
  6. Sir lions rarrrrrrhh:)
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  7. FB_IMG_1584648409862.jpg
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  8. Time to panic buy alcohol......all pubs to close this evening!
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  9. Looks like as a self employed person I no longer need to have sleepless nights over my phone not ringing. For the first time ever I can claim a huge £90 a week income support. Cheers borris.
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    I guess it’s something.

    Reassuring perms will get up to £2.5k a month whilst we get a heady £360....still at least we don’t pay tax on it...
  11. It doesn't rhyme ... and the metre isn't quite right - but still might make a good song
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  12. 74A15D84-BDA7-42BE-9B6A-E3C2F86FC913.jpeg Well at least the Chinese is open ;)
  13. The only panic buying to be condoned is beer. Buy as much as you can, clear the shelves and scare everyone you meet into doing the same by saying something like 'beer isles looking empty today' to keep me in a job...:beer:
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    My older brother spends a lot of time in Norway.

    Practical sorts these Norwegians.

    Unless you can show them the equivalent of a blue badge, you don’t get a trolley....the baskets are over there pal.

    All the trolleys were locked away.

    They had no hoarding in Norway.
  15. Reading on Samba, which does NOT permit things to get political, they've pretty well gone into lockdown exactly as we have and they're taking it well. I think despite the barmyness from Trump, and possibly because of it, they realise they better all watch out for themselves and their local communities. Of course there are still the thickos who think a "cure" can be found by their great nation because they can do stuff that other nations couldn't even dream of. God bless America. Actually I wish I'd moved there 40 years ago and disappeared into the woods, seems like an ace place.
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  16. If you look at the BBC it seems that Donald Trump is wasting a lot of time working out if he should be protecting people or his buddies, the big employers.

    Meanwhile Rome burns.

    We may end up with a world with Asia ascendant over the USA because it was so damaged by a dithering buffoon.
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    America in the fifties must have been something if you were rich and white.

    I’d hate to be poor there, every scammer on earth wants a piece of you.
  18. Lucky he's so outrageous that nobody really believes him isn't it?. It might suit their personal agendas to support him, but everyone knows the reality. "Everyone will be back to work in 15 days. America will find a cure". I don't believe anybody is falling for it, we have the interweb, they're watching us and Italy and Spain. They see what it's really happening and how even pretty fierce measures have not been enough and have not been soon enough. They are not waiting for trump.
  19. Then the Moonshine would take it's toll Steve :rolleyes:
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  20. Finally managed to find some dog food tins after their 2 week absence on the supermarket shelves. People obviously don't like their cats as much as there was loads of cat food in very store.
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