Scooby conversions..any down sides?

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  1. Yes they dropped the 15% the link I put you is the final document and under engine section this is what it says

    Engine – alternative cubic capacities of the same basic engine and alternative original equipment engines are not considered a substantial change
  2. Cheers mate, thought so. So a 2 litre flat four boxer engine replacing a 2 litre flat four boxer engine would probably be fine then!
  3. I thought the whole point of this argument was to drag up out of date poorly researched drivel written without actually seeing the outcome of the consultation then to argue that everyone who was reading the actual document produced by the government were incorrect and frankly a bunch on ninnies and that the stuff youd read was gospel!

    On the other hand. Ripping the heart out of your bus ... its just........
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  4. Where are you on air to water/radiator?
  5. I think the argument on this thread got all muddled between

    Tax exemption
    Mot exemption
    The 8point need for registration

    Which are all separate things that seam to contradict each other

    Personally changing to a Subaru engine is not for me as I want a classic vehicle and for me a air cooled engine is part of its character
    but if someone wants to I respect them for that and I still wouldn’t mind looking at one

    One of the great things about vw campers over other classic vehicle groups is the individuality of people and buses
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  6. Ha ha
    what do you mean I want to know?
  7. Anybody seen the Ford engined Westy on ebay?
  8. Have you a link my mate used to have a bay years ago which he fitted a 2.0l pinto into! When I say years ago it was like 20 years ago!

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  9. Its item number 132521792602 heading vw camper westfalia v2 1973
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  10. 3E12953D-17E4-4883-8C1F-578312F277F3.jpeg
  11. I think there are no down sides by the sound of it so far ...i am not sure but will get corrected if i am wrong ...they have not been installed in busses for a massive long time .
    So say in 8 years or so there maybe problems ...but like any other, or all engines if they a well looked after should be fine .

    Oh the biggest problem of all is getting stick from the puritans .
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  12. What’s a Puritan?:)
  13. Nope that’s the one before the one that was:)
  14. A very strict old christian religious cult ..who very much disliked any deviation from the bible .
    Often used for someone strict and disliking any change and sticking to the book.
  15. Its a petrol engine aint it...... you coulnt get much closer to the layout with a modernish motor could you.
  16. So if you never saw the accident
    You can't be a Jehovah's Witness then:)
  17. Do not think that once registered your number is engraved in stone. The only stone is the silica of memory chips.
  18. Run out of popcorn. Any spare?
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  19. No mine all went a couple of days ago. Seems like there is a back log of orders down to the weather :D
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