Scooby conversions..any down sides?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by grub, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. VW Brazil didn't go for wasserboxer.
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    No they went 1.4 polo didn't they?
  3. As I said did they miss a trick in not buying Subaru on license?
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    Yes because it's a better engine than VWs own attempt at water cooling theirs
  5. 1.4 Flex fuel Fox engine but basically the same
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  6. IMG_2409.JPG
    You could go on forever making improvements :)
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  7. Think VW vans where mainly diesel at that time so suppose they could have gone for the Scooby boxer diesel?
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    They'll be glad they didn't because they're beset with crank failure issues.
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    Or massive uninprovements..
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  10. That should be Briggs and Scrappem, believe me.
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  11. Just re-read this:

    I believe production of the air cooled brazilian ceased in 2005 when eplaced with the water cooled motor which ended production in 2014. So a scoobie conversion Would seem to me to a change which is not a substantial change as it is a change of a type that can be demonstarated to have been made when production was ongoing, and/or within 10 years of the end of production.


    The following are considered acceptable (not substantial) changes if they fall into these specific categories

    • changes of a type, that can be demonstrated to have been made when vehicles of the type were in production or in general use (within ten years of the end of production);
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    Don't come down here with your modern ways, bain't you'll be telling us that these vans can run on elastic trickery...
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  13. Has the power increase thing been dropped do we know? I cant find it anywhere other than the consultation?

  14. That's radically altered...:rolleyes:
    Ripped the heart out of it...:(
  15. ooo you tease :D
  16. Thing with that one ...Ideal if you being chased by the cops get round the corner handbrake turn it ...just another fiesta coming the other way .
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  17. That be a scooby front engine and a beetle back engine double trouble :)
  18. Nice to see you keeping the thread going

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