Sanding decking (the grooves man)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by volkswombat, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Told ya!
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  2. Why don't you get the missus to give you a hose down tonight? It'll shift those awkward, ground-in stains.
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  3. your be squirting everything now :D
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  4. Aha so a "pressure washer" is actually an anal bleaching machine?
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  5. .... it wasn't the only thing that was stripped... @volkswombat came back into the house in just his pants... "I think you're meant to wear waterproofs..." he says!! :D Thanks for the powerwasher @Keith.H, our patio has never looked so clean! I can only apologise for the antics of the kids... Wouldn't happen on my watch! ;)
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  6. Just watched car SOS and they used a sponge and sandpaper wrapped around it thought what a good idea as it will get into the edges
  7. Kids were fine, fish tank always works, esp with a "Nemo" in there :)
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  8. None of my business, but this "doing things in the buff" seems to be getting out of hand. Can suggest some counselling, or at least some kind of family intervention...
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  9. Quite so @snotty, I think this was why he was lamenting the unseasonal temperatures in another thread... he was having to "put clothes on" which is against his moral standards!
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  10. Do you think it's a childhood thing, repressed memory perhaps, or is he just a bit of a perv?
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  11. When water starts coming out of your ears, turn it off!
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  12. ^^^ all of the above :oops:
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  13. Oi !
    Is there a TLB sub faction for those of us who hang out
  14. Yes, its the air cooled section :)
  15. moddified shizzle :D
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