Sanding decking (the grooves man)

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  1. Is there a machine or an attachment for a machine that will sand decking in the grooves?
    I can't find owt but surely in these modern times some smarty-pants has invented something.
    Yes I could just use folded sandpaper, or a piece of laminate floor on edge wrapped in sandpaper, but it would be tedious and time consuming, I don't have bags of time.
    And no a powerwasher won't work :p besides I don't have one
  2. Suppose a wire wheel on a drill maybe? Think angle grinder be too harsh.
    Ideally I thought there'd be a ribbed sander type thing
  3. I cleaned mine up last week. A really stiff broom with lots of water also a ton of elbow grease. Came up lovely.
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  4. ^^^^^^^WHS
  5. Our local market sells wire brush things on a broom handle.
  6. I paint the muck...:D
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  7. Stop sodding about outside in the garden, you should be working on the van !!!
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  8. Good pressure washer a do it no trubs , and it cleans as you go .:thumbsup:
  9. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    Fill it and paint it. job done
  10. Toothbrush? It'll be good for your soul!
  11. Scrubbing brush and some elbow grease, ya lazy b*gger!
  12. :eek:
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  13. Yeah but , dont wanna clean it wanna sand it innit. spose itll have to be time and sweat then :mad:

    Might as well do it in the buff, keep the neighbours happy:cool:

    Somebody should invent an attatchment
  14. Pressure washer a strip it
  15. A
    asnt got one though, or is this an excuse to buy one
  16. I use a power washer with the patio cleaner adapter. Works really well!
  17. Buy one! Washers great for cleaning mouldy wood.
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  19. Buy a dog, but don't worm it. Glue a sheet of sandpaper to its bum, then place it on the decking. Sorted :thumbsup:
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