Sanding decking (the grooves man)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by volkswombat, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. ive got a big one with a long hose so i can go anywhere with it , its got drain unblocker attachment too.:)
  2. I got banned from B&Q some halfwit in an jaffa apron asked me if I wanted decking......and I got the first punch in :D
  3. If you can't sand your deck what chance have you got of successfully fitting leisure electrics ;););)
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  4. there's always this .....
  5. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    Do you get D*ck maintance in the UK?
  6. If you know the right people :thumbsup: so I'm told
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  7. :TTIWWP: (I always wanted a reason to press this!)
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  8. Please, no.
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  9. Got a spare one here you can have, but you would have to collect!
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  10. What is it and how much is it?
  11. Old Karcher and nowt
  12. Does it work if it free! ?!
  13. Jeez, cant give stuff away now :p
    Works ok, pressure valve sticks every now and then but turning the pressure down and back up fixes that, only reason i want rid is i was given another and its got WHEELS :D
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  14. Ah so there no wheels on this one? Pah!

    Sounds good, appreciate the offer. where in the swolds are you?
  15. ox184ne, Burford
  16. Defo interested, let me see when I could get up. Any good /bad days for you?
  17. when you store um in winter make sure all water is out or kept warm or the water freezes n cracks ceramic ring too on gun trigger
  18. About all day tomorrow (down me field) all day Sat, Sun morning, or usually about after 5 most days and all day Fridays
  19. Don't! I bet he's peed on it...
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