Run to the Hills 26-28 aug

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  1. Beer - check
    Dog - check
    Van - check
    Missus - better go and pick her up then, if I must ::)

    T minus 45 minutes until lift off ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  2. Getting ready to leave see you there in a few hours :D :D :D
  3. We're Baaaack!Woohoo!

    Made it back not uneventfully but back none the less!

    Thanks to everyone who was there we had a fantastic time, Your all such nice people :)

    Look forward to seeing you all again soon, i'm sure mrs mh will starting her RTTH thread with pics as soon as she's uploaded them

    Thanks again

  4. ^ good to see you both matey, glad you could join us & you made it home safe!
  5. well done m8 been back about 3 hrs myself lol
    even managed to mend the bug and more or less got the carb back on the westie and running and a big long shower :)
  6. We stopped half way back for a cuppa, big mistake, bus was running great till then, but a after brew the starter wouldn't turn, so a gentle tap with a hammer sorted that, just got back onto the M1 and coughed farted and died, turned out to be a loose connection on the fuel pump so a bit of fiddleing and got that going, fortunatly the starter worked ok then, but driving the 15 odd miles through the road works on the M1 with no hard shoulder was a bit nerve racking!But it got us home fine (even hitting 70mph on occasion) just went out to move it again and starters not turning again, Still its a problem for another day. Had a great weekend and am still smiling, so its about time to have a beer i think :)
  8. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

    :) all back safe and sound, excellent time

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