Run to the Hills 26-28 aug

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  4. 8)
  5. [​IMG]
  6. I can't believe you're too tight to buy a mask and have only bought the hat and beard :p ;)
  7. Lord Charles

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    Hah these are great and have upped the ante on the beard front.
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    fancy dress saturday night is gnomes

    so far this is the list of people coming
    please add to it if you are too:

    MarkC68 & Michelle
    Hailfrank Jo n the boys
    Curly Wurly
    Mr & Mrs Majorhangover
    Mrs mc219, mr mc and 2 mini mcs
    Dubweisers (via FB)
    dog and missus dog plus bro in law and missus
    Charlie Abbott & crew
    Dubious (prolly in plaster) & crew + lickle dog
    72 wilmas
    DD Sister and friends
    Lowie, Mrs Lowie, jnr lowies & lowiedog
    Fletch (Karl) TBC
    Magical trevor and family are devo coming
    markeyman and his prototype :)
  9. There aren't many lady gnome costumes - don't they go out?

    The best I can find is this.

  10. Anyone know what time the gates open on the Friday ?
  11. hailfrank

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    4ish i think
  13. hailfrank

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    that is 4ish vw time. aim for 2 get there at 4ish
  14. so what times everyone getting there
    i at work till 3.30
    so will be there about 4.30- 5 ish depends what time fletch can sneak out of work the mrs es should have everything ready by
    the time i get home (my arse will she)
  16. hailfrank

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    not sure yet. need to check with others.also depends if charlie straps his burner right this time
  17. Can't wait ;D
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