Run to the Hills 26-28 aug

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  1. Lord Charles

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  2. hailfrank

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    peterborough services at 3 if you like and nothing should fall off this time lol
  3. dog


    that sounds good to me mate^ is that the one near the landfill....i mean garden park
    only peterborough can call a landfill a park :LOL:
  4. hailfrank

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    no you come to mine dog about 1ish if you want :)
  5. dog


    ok buddy, sounds like a plan!
  6. Lord Charles

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    Peterborough Services at 3pm sounds doable.

    See you there.
  7. hailfrank

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    :) Peterborough services on the A1/A605 junction 3pm friday if anyone wants to join us
  8. We are now going to Run To The Hills *Giddy*

    See you there.
  9. hailfrank

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  10. Lord Charles

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    Beards are itchy - FACT
  12. Im just trying to sort out how much wood I can get in my trailor packed alongside my camping stuff.. Is everyone bringing wood for the fires??

    And they were really really big guides!!! :-[ :-[ I still have nightmares about them!!! :eek:
  13. yeah I reckon so, we will bring a few bags along as well
  14. We're bringing some of those firelog thingys woodylubber was recommending.
  15. Woodylubber

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  16. 72wilma

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    we've got wood *snigger*
  17. ** weather alert **

    It's sunny here in Notts, 3 miles from RTTH site, should be a good one, will keep updating all week!!
  18. Terrordales

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  19. Lord Charles

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