Rise of the T5 !!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lumberjack, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. image.jpg Just reluctantly sold my T5 t28 130, after nearly two and a half years of ownership I have just managed to sell it for £50.00 more than what I paid for it !

    Is this the start of the rise of early T5's ??
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  2. No just more builders about now ;)...

    Probably as bays t25s now are getting to high for some :thinking:edit no t5 are worth more but not as retro as a bay :p
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  3. rickyrooo1

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    being totally biased here i keep an eye on the market, wether people like it or not they are invading, i must have passed 100's this weekend - as much as bays/splits look cooler or retro whatever, these are more user friendly, i get out 10x more than i ever did in the bay.
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  4. rickyrooo1

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    cheap bays/25's yes but a mid to high spec t5 is well over 30-40k - even a self build like mine is mid 20's.
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  5. I must admit I saw some a skegvages and I agree with@rickyrooo1 there a some sweet looking T..S about :thinking:
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  6. Merlin Cat

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    Hey! What about T4's or have they been bypassed completely? :)
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  7. rickyrooo1

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    there's some (a lot) of t5ers who waste silly money and don't seem to be able to camp very practically imo, most i've seen at 40k plus are Marmite scared to use them properly and more want people to look at them, i'm "frowned upon" in a way for the standard wheels/height/bumpers etc but there's a million 20 inch range rover wheeled polished to death lowered ones out there.
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  8. You just hit the head on the nail there you use yours but I agree some are scene hunters with to much money and no passion :(
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  9. Went to Grill n Chill last year and there were T5's everywhere all looking great and some folks brought their teepees with them in contrast to the little Bays and their old awnings.

    I do love classic vehicles but they are hardly switch on and off you go are they. That's what folks want these days and the people around my old van were really nice and you can sort of get away with a funky colour T5, I had a bright pink one next to me. My son's neighbours have painted their T5 o r a n g e and purple.
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  10. rickyrooo1

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    i love classics too but it's awesome only popping the bonnet to add screenwash. i think there are 3 types of t5, the funky colour wanna be retro, the basic camper that's practical (mine) and the overblinged pointless one.
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  11. When The day comes that I have to
    Part with the bay
    It will come I know after 30 years that
    I have owned them
    I would buy a Tab Caravan and tow it with my Beamer
    I bought A new golf which let me down
    With gearbox and a/c problems
    After I stupidly thought I was buying
    1970s quality vw
    Buy a Transit or vivaro or something and save at the front end
    If you have to buy a modern van
    After all they are all the same
    These days aren't they?:D
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  12. to work...:D

    mrs lef's car is going to be replaced by a T4/5 ,you broke me...:hattip:
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  13. rickyrooo1

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  14. £ 41,500 and it's basic spec.
  15. rickyrooo1

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    stupid money if you buy a "proper" one - the vw california is around 57k spec'd up!
  16. Indeed...
  17. T6 that isn't it? It's the future :D
  18. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    yep T6. i know you'll be interested to know the side indicators have moved.
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  19. As a former, and hopefully future owner of one, I love em. Well, I love the, to my eyes, proper camping spec ones, like ours was, like Ric's n Robo's are.
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