Replacement Engine Running Rough

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  1. The spring sits on top of the
    Yes thats the mystery, why I would suspect the internals of the last-legs-recon-style VEGE.. except I cannot think of anything simple but loose valve seats or sticky valves that cause bad running that clears up..

    That spring sits in the hole in the middle of the slot of the distributor drive gear, pushes up on the centre of the distributor shaft. It holds the drive gear down, if its not there , theres a chance it rides up and down changing timing because of the helical cut gears on the crank.
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  2. Okay I will try this. What position should the larger screw be in when I do this with the smaller screw? Leave at 2.5 turns? Is it not necessary to do the adjustment in accordance with 900rpm? Also if the smaller screw alters the mixture what does the larger screw do and how does it work?

    Yes I gapped the plugs to the Haynes manual figure which I think was 0.6mm (don’t have manual in front of me). The plugs came out of the box with a massive gap yes so all needed adjustment.
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  3. I am going to remove the distributor and check the current engine. As I didn’t see the spring but didn’t dig around. I have since looked in the old engine and can’t see one. There is no way that it can sit up inside the distributor shaft is there, because that has the drive mechanism key on the bottom?

    Can you explain the last sentence how it can actually alter the timing?
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  4. It can't.

    The spring's just there to maintain some pressure on the (intentionally) slightly wobbly dissy shaft.
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  5. The spring stops the dogs of the distributor drive from wobbling around and wearing out as well, by holding the distributor drive shaft up and the gear on the drive shaft down. If that shaft lifts slightly the timing moves because the gears are helical cut so as it goes up and down, it rotates slightly..
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    The big one is the speed (revs) screw, so yes adjust it as necessary as you go through the mixture (small screw) setting to keep the revs in the ball park of 8-900rpm..
  7. 682C6D69-C954-4348-AA38-3A18614ADB87.jpeg Does this look right for inside the 009 distributor or is something missing. I just notice there is only one spring on one side.
  8. Usually theres two springs. Means the advance will be coming in at lower RPM so the idle timing setting will be incorrect
    Make the carburettor screw setting extra hard too.
    Time to find another distributor spindle or even get an SVDA ..
    Looks like one of the little plastic bobbins the spring clips on to has vanished, along with the spring.
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  10. If I had a stationary engine I could check my 009 :)

    i did say bin it on Monday
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  11. So I looked for an image or video that showed the inside of a 009 distributor and found this video earlier.

    It seems that the single spring is normal for some models. If you watch from 6:10 - 6:30 it seems to explain it.

    If I were to find another distributor what is the best version? Dual vacuum?

    I have changed the points Condensor and fitted the missing spring. The rotor now feels tensioned, I am going to set the timing and see how it is now.
  12. The SVDA type is usually the best with the stock carburettor .

    The dual vacuum is a USA emissions solution and is not needed in the UK.

    Where did the spring come from that you fitted ?
  13. If you want to buy another 009, I can have a look in the garage?
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    Didn't realise you lived next to Snotty...
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  15. I use them on the Bug....
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  16. So in the uk did they block off the second tube feed on the 34 pict 3? I have one on the front and one on the side with plugged rubber hoses.

    I ordered the spring new from JK.

    I can understand there wasn’t one in the stripped down long block I bought, now in the van. The engine that is dead though? Unless somehow it stuck to the bottom of the distributor with oil and I somehow missed it falling off and rolling away, I don’t know.
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    The one on the side is advance, the one facing the rear of the van is retard. In Europe the carbs probably didn't have the one on the rear. so... block the ones you don't use and carry on.
  18. I'd suggest the one on the rear is for the airbox warm air feed ;)
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    Don't think so. ;)
  20. Oh, how wrong you are. How wrong. <shakes head desparingly>
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