FOR SALE Reduced again £7500! Hannah the 73 microbus (from Montanna! )

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by sima, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. I think we are feeling the same way that you should contact the DVLA without delay and explain you are looking to sell the vehicle but it does not show on their database.

    Get it all sorted with the DVLA and then look to sell it. The DVLA may want to issue a new V5C, when was the current one issued? and did you do it or the previous owner?

    I am not surprised possible buyers are being put off, I would be.
  2. I registered the van myself after having her motd. I am away from home ATM but I will definitely contact dvla. I had no issues registering and have all documentation including the letter confirming the free tax, so no worries there ;). All will be sorted no doubt..... I just need chance to sort it! I have got a couple of interested parties so hopefully things will go well. Good to know there are lots of people willing to offer advice though :)
  3. Always helpful on here. It seems to be getting harder to sell these vans and you don't want a registration cock up to put any buyers off.
  4. Bus is sold, deposit taken
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  5. Issue with registration was the guy who made up the plates got a digit wrong!!!! Sorted now, just glad it's all cosha! Lol.

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