FOR SALE Reduced again £7500! Hannah the 73 microbus (from Montanna! )

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  1. Thought I had better put an under side pic on..... After mentioning it in my thread! lol

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    A price and some sort of description would help too; along with a location etc.
  3. Don't know what happened there! I did originally put a long description!! Watch this space
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  4. Reluctant sale of my tax free 1973 microbus imported from Montana. “Hannah” was imported by Graham of FBI VW, named by my daughters and has been mine for 2 years. Last month I had her MOT’d and she passed without any advisories, Hannah is now registered and is road tax Free! In that time I have carried out the following work.

    New ball joints, tie and steering rods.
    New CV boot kits.
    New discs and drums
    New complete cable set
    New brake slave cylinders
    New brake rebuild kits
    New brake flexi hoses
    New steering damper
    New suspension dampers x4
    New Webber Carburetor
    New Electronic ignition
    New fuel pipes
    Engine sourced by FBI VW and installed, this is registered on the V5C
    Full engine service including plugs, leads, oil, filter and tappet setup.
    I’m sure there is more, but these are the things I can remember

    When I got Hannah, I had a good look over her and realized all of her metalwork was original .,Apart from a few dings here and there, Hannah is straight and complete, because of this all paintwork has been flatted off with wet and dry to remove impurities, then clear coated to show off her lovely patina. This is mainly paint fading and there are no rust through issues to talk of plus the sides are pretty straight. The underside was cleaned, inspected then coated in high-density zinc primer, then coated with Schultz black. I have included a pic of the underside, taken at the MOT station last month. The tester said he had never seen one as clean underneath. The engine starts first time, every time and runs without skipping a beat. The ride is surprisingly tight and responsive for a 44-year-old van, due to all the steering being properly overhauled. Brakes are good too! I have been restoring air cooled VWs for the past 15 years and this one is by far the most original and whole I have had.

    This van is completely sorted and only needs a camping interior. I am selling to make space for my Mk1 cab in my garage. Any inspection is welcome.
    Hannah has free historic tax and is located in Houghton le spring between Sunderland and Durham.

    I am asking a realistic price of £9000 for a usable, sorted bus. I am happy to chat about her with anyone interested. I will PM my phone number if that makes things easier.


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    Good price that

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    Sod the price, check out that carpet!

    Shes a beauty.
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  7. Ha ha..... poshest carpet on late bay!
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  8. Cheers, im gutted she has to go. I need the space for my Mk1 clipper cab. :(
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  9. I've been asked a couple of questions while the bus has been advertised, so I thought I'd answer them on here too, so it's here for everyone.

    The roof gutters are very clean and have been sealed with clear coat with palm wax.

    The engine is strong and the exhaust runs clear once warm (no oil burn)

    All panels are as straight as they look in the pics, there are dings and stone chips , espescially on the front panel but these have been treated properly and touched up with touch up pen prior to overcoating with clear coat.

    I have done complete restorations on a 73 beetle and 64 split screen before looking for a bay to work on. I looked for over a year for a good example that didn't need lots of welding. I have been all over this bus with inspection lamps and a screw driver, there is no nasty hidden rust. The underside has been
    Given a good coating of a zinc rich primer and overcoated with black Schultz .
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    I've got carpet envy! :)
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  12. Well spotted! Lol
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  13. Just had her on a 30 mile drive, never skipped a beat and got lots of waves! :cool:
  14. Got loads of extra pics if anyone wants more :)
  15. Hi

    Can you email pics to simonprevill (at) gmail (dot) com

    Did you go the route of twin carbs for the type 4 engine ?

    Could you give details of door frames / bottoms especially sliding door and if the door tops have split at all at the stress points

    Were the windows removed when you clear coated ? if not what are the condition of the rubbers for these and the doors

    How did you repair the side that had the crease in ?


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    The picture shows a centre mounted Webber.
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  17. Email with pics sent. Cheers
  18. Price slash! Given the sunny weather, I really would like my cab back at my garage..... £8000 will secure Hannah now, I will wait a couple of weeks and then she will be up on eBay!
  19. I am returning home from working away soon so I will be able to show prospective buyers around Hannah.



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