FOR SALE Reduced again £7500! Hannah the 73 microbus (from Montanna! )

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by sima, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Wow, this is painful! Wish I didn't have to sell her....... but I do! Sensible offers are welcome people ;)
  2. I would take out that carpet and show the interior as it is and then put it up on ebay, where you would get a much wider audience and potential buyers.

    Most buyers would be looking for some form of useable interior plus the cost of metal work and new paint, not many folks are into 'patina'.

    So a buyer may be thinking of a likely additional cost of 4k plus.

    Also I would sort that spare wheel out, it doesn't look tidy.
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  3. Cheers for the advice
  4. final price drop and now going on eBay ......£7500 or nearest ;)
  5. Lovely bus, can't believe its not sold at that price.
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  6. Got a couple of potential buyers coming to look over the weekend.....
  7. Doesn't hold a lot of hope for the rest of us. Your bus is a beauty.
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  8. Hopefully those potential buyers will show some interest. If not, then ask them their opinions to help you see your van from a buyers view.
  9. I think the main reason she hasn't sold yet is down to timing. Once the camping season is in swing I'm sure selling a van will be easier. MOT'd van with no advisories, every suspension and brake part sorted, no rot and a good strong motor for 7.5K....... I can't see any others in the same league, if someone truly wants a van to personalise, this is about as good as it gets.
  10. Spring and early summer has to be the best time to increase your chances of selling. Is it on ebay yet, to widen your audience. On here is ok but most folks on here already have one.

    Have you had a look on ebay to gauge the prices of similar or better vans.

    I think the lack of interior means yours is not a buy and go camping van. It will need time, work and cost to make it a camper or day van.

    As you said someone out there may look for a van to personalise based on a good van to start with like yours.

    But I am feeling more and more that not many enthusiasts out there want to or could do the work and they are buying the modern vans now.

    Prices seem to have slumped a bit for Bays imho.

    Good luck with your sale.
  11. redoxide

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    In general these vans are well overpriced and there are loads of them available .. plenty poor ones as well. Your van however does look like a good solid van with strong metal in all the right places . doesnt look like its had any welding and despite the paint being rubbed out its original and un messed with.. Your latest price is pretty much a bargain for anyone on the serious hunt for one of these .. But there seems to be some weird notion for folk who want these to buy complete rusted hulks for not much less cash then spend the next lifetime fixing it up and burning cash.. This might seem the obvious place to advertise it but not everyone whos looking for a van will be into forums .. If you go to low youll start sounding desperate and folk will get suspicious .. bin this add go back to your original asking price and put ONO .. cause no matter who comes to view at the current price there gonna beat you down.. Good luck with the sale of what looks like a great honest van ..
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  12. hit the nail on the head there. you can see in this van why folks like to import them as generally speaking the bodywork is in good nick.

    we have many on here who have bought a rust bucket only to find its very costly to restore unless they do all of it themselves and some have admitted to spending over 15k paying someone else to do it.

    we admire those who enjoy the resto as a hobby and you see quality work being done, but restos do take time and the vans are not being driven for some time.

    ebay is good place to start and I would auction it with a hidden reserve. so you don't end up giving it away.
  13. Now on EBay..... if she doesn't sell I may just keep ahold until the Summer
  14. can't see it on ebay, could you post a link to your ad.
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  16. Weathers nice now..... bargain to be had!
  17. redoxide

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    I parked my van in a ea room car park the other day, The owner dashed out and spenta bit of time asking me about my van and saying how he wanted one to convert to a mobile event van.. then mentioned how expensive they were to find the right van.. I told him about this van and that If I was looking for another I wouldn't hesitate.. I drew his attention to the Late bay Forum and mentioned the van was on ebay and the asking price ... Cant believe it hasn't sold yet.

    I just looked up the tea room web page and sent them links to this van..
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  18. good work...:thumbsup:
  19. Cheers for that! I can't understand how she's still here too!
  20. Persevere, keep trying, I would put it back on ebay and auction it this time with a hidden reserve of 7.5k. You will get lots of bids and you may reach your reserve. Its a case of suck it and see I think.

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