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Discussion in 'TLB sponsors' started by JamesLey, Dec 15, 2020.

  1. JamesLey

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    I thought it was about time I started a thread on here for my little side hustle, Ray Ley Restorations!

    What started as just me posting about my various personal projects on Facebook/Instagram (and of course the good ol' LateBay), I've found starting to gain a bit of interest from others looking for me to take on some of the work on their own vehicles. With this year having been a bit of an odd one now seems like as good a time as any to venture out and do more than just work on my own fleet.

    Most of you will have seen both my bay restoration on Iris and ongoing baja restoration, so will be familiar with my work covering all parts of the restoration process from welding and painting to upholstery.

    I'm currently taking on upholstery jobs and potentially light restoration work, with a view to look at more involved projects once my bug is finished. So if you've got any parts of your own projects that you want a hand with feel free to drop me a message.

    I'll try and keep this thread updated with any projects that come my way so you lot know what I'm up to.
  2. JamesLey

    JamesLey Sponsor

    First up some upholstery for @paneuropaul which I’ll be starting in the next few weeks, initially with the Rock n Roll bed. A classy combination of this Westy plaid fabric and chestnut vinyl will look spot on in his van.
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  3. Best of luck with your venture Jim
    Looking at the high standard you have done previous work to
    I’m sure your future customers won’t be disappointed
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  4. Good luck Jim, there’s plenty of work out there just try to keep a balance with your own projects!
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  5. Dubs

    Dubs Sponsor supporter extraordinaire

    Nice one.

    Good luck with it mate! :thumbsup:
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  6. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    Good luck Jim, I wish you every success and hope you do well!

    Be good to see how you progress from here :thumbsup:
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  7. vinnyboy

    vinnyboy Supporter

    Well done to you. Good luck for the future. I’m sure you’ll have no regrets.
    If you’re working hard it might as well be for yourself doing something you love :beer:
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  8. Good luck Jim, seems like a logical progression. Wishing you every success.
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  9. scrooge95

    scrooge95 Moderator and piggy bank keeper

    Having seen what you’ve done with Iris, I think you’ll not be short of work! Nice one :)
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  10. JamesLey

    JamesLey Sponsor

    Thanks for all the kind words.
    Let's see what the next year holds, hopefully lots of people wanting to get out in their vans and tour the UK! :thumbsup:
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  11. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Administrator

    There is a demand for good restoration people. Stay focused and when work gets busy don’t forget to be honest about waiting times and potential pitfalls of people asking you to just patch up a sill etc, there’s nothing worse than thinking a garage is about to patch something up and it will be ready Friday only to find out it’s going to be three months and a bill they will struggle to afford. It usually morphs into the garage’s fault and they are all over social media slating the garage/ workshop simply because of a lack of explanation on one part and a lack of knowledge on the other.

    Good luck James.
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  12. Whats the name about Jim? Who's Ray?
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  13. Best of luck, James.
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  14. JamesLey

    JamesLey Sponsor

    Bit of a childhood nickname from my best mate's uncle that’s stuck over the years!

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  15. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

  16. JamesLey

    JamesLey Sponsor

    Unfortunately not mobile! Funny you should mention T25s as I’ve got a pair of front seats and door cards quite possibly coming my way soon. Upholstery is a nice winter job, beats lying on the floor in the cold.

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  17. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    that’s no good, the customer is always right you know ;) I’ve got all the tools :D
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  18. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    Ps, I won’t even charge for all the things I teach you ;)
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  19. I totally agree with these sentiments James , only deliver what YOU`D accept and DON`T farm work out when you get busy as that`ll come back to bite you - even if they`re in the same building . Explaining why you need to replace a sill rather than patching is half the battle in my honest opinion - leave the patching to someone else .

    Just obsevations from the few times i`ve had people work on my van - i`m sure you`ll prosper , you`re conscientious and do excellent work :thumbsup:

  20. JamesLey

    JamesLey Sponsor

    Absolutely! If it's not something I'd be happy with to do on one of my own projects I'd either not take it on, or not let it leave the shop until it was right.
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