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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CollyP, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. with a spoon:eek:
  2. Nap in the car?

    I could have easily nodded off in a van mid afternoon the other day
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  3. I think I bought too many veg!

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  5. It's chuffin raining!! Just went outside to check on the BBQ and it's wet!!!!!!
  6. Are you BBQing that veg? Wrongun, where's the meat?

    We had a good BBQ Saturday night, it didn't start raining until we got in the hot tub later on
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  7. Yes it was BBQd. There was also a bloody steak to go with it!
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  8. I've come to the conclusion that Captain Caveman isn't actually a bonafide captain. And should be reported to the appropriate authorities.
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  9. Not that I'm counting, but...........

    3 days, 6.75 hours to go.

    there is only so much FB and TLB one can look at to pass the time.

  10. havnt you been yet :D
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  11. Had enough. On the bus to Waterloo.
  12. abba?
  13. Addis ad?
  14. ?
  15. It's in Ethiopia! :)
  16. IC :oops:
  18. Until what? The weekend?
  19. 5 more sleeps until I see Status Quo
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  20. OK the Beatles
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