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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CollyP, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. I often think that there should be a more random thread, an all encompassing, all thoughts allowed, mind vom, if you will.

    So, tonight I have dressed as a school boy and been to a fancy dress party full of fun. Including hula hoops, skipping ropes and general funness.

    I am now about to sleep on the sofa, something I haven't done for months.

    Post your random shiz here
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    In 2014 the term 'flappy birds' came 6th on Googles most searched for terms, globally.

    'ISIS' came 8th.
  3. It's softer than it used to be.
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  4. I am going to see Culture Shock tonight ...my two favourite things ...ska and punk..... Ps that is sacarasm ....actually some ska covers of new wave is not that bad ....as
    OMG as it's not hard corse screamy punk and reggae ska ....
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  5. I am going to buy some M&S pants today. "Off the leash" doesn't come anywhere near describing me......
  6. I'm now regretting eating that kebab last night that seemed such a good idea to soak up the beer!!
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  7. I just Googled "Flappy birds"
  8. I've found a boil on me bum
  9. Me too - I understand now !
  10. is it safe to do on a work pc? :)
  11. Its not what you think. ;)

  12. .. ahhhh. yes saw the kids playing that the other day. penny. dropped.
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  13. That is life on the edge...
  14. All Wetherspoons need closing; dangerous places :eek:
  15. Pics please
  16. IMG_3234.jpg
  17. I'm grinning because I wrote "I would" on the board and then called the girls over - they didn't see it! :)
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  18. As is the bruise on my elbow from trying to dive through the hula hoop as it was spinning on the floor.

    I reckon I was a "little" smaller, lighter and more agile the last time I successfully got through!!!! :)
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