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  3. no bloody hell Winster is about 10 mins from my house. its in Derbyshire near Matlock. Miners Standard the Pub, also in Village is The Bowling Green. not far away is Birchover with The Red Lion with good local real ale. to be honest Birchover has Barn Farm campsite which is 5 min from walk from pub. you also have Stanton Moor with the Nine Ladies Stone circle.. but check first as reckon they dont allow dogs at Barn Farm.
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    I am sure i see a campsite in essex manningtree? Can someone let me know?
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    So it seems I've moved to the only place in the country where there ain't any cheap campsites at a pub, we fancy doing a one nighter if the weather holds this weekend
  7. There must be one near you - where are you nowadays?
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    The Gate Hangs High near Hook Norton in The Cotswolds. Just camping pitches and the use of one toilet and shower but nice pub and well positioned for visiting nice places :)

    Nearby Hook Norton Brewery and The Rollright Stones

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